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Cyber Security

What’s the Difference between Cyber Security and Information Security?

Mark Hackett



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Cyber Security also spelled Cyber security, or called computer security and the term Information Security ” which is most of the time though as similar to the same features and functions. Because both the terms Cyber Security and Information Security are the systems and processes that help provide security and protection for the computer system, thus preventing threats and information breaches, they are so closely linked that they sound as if they are the same. The sad part is that they are commonly used synonymously. 

When it comes to data security it involves all the preventive measures taken for securing the data from malicious users and threats. Now, the people who haven’t used these terms before may wonder that if there is a difference between Data and Information. So, the very key point to know here is that not every data can be information. Data becomes information in a situation where it is decoded in a context and given meaning. Like, ‘150678’ is data, but when one knows that it is the date of birth of a person, then it means it is information since there is a meaning attached to it. In simple words, information means data that has a specific meaning.

Last Decade Observed Intermingling of Cyber Security with Information Security

Over a period of the last few years, one has witnessed an intermingling of cyber security and information security, as these siloed positions have combined to become one. The only challenge being, the teams working on the networks and systems have not got information security professionals as a component of the workforce. This means the level of responsibility is very high with a cyber security professional. The cyber security technicians have vast knowledge about technology, firewalls, and intrusion protection systems required. But, these experts do not actually brought-up in the data evaluation business.  


In this write up the entire discussion and the explanation will include and basically focus on, the two terms mentioned above. Also, it will be an attempt to define how these two terms and processes are maybe different, from one another so that, even a layman should not get confused when understanding, both terms and the features they contain; and they are clear about both Cyber security and Information Security within the context of IT network support services, and what these can do.

What is Cyber Security?

Cyber security basically involves all the practices and techniques that, help in protecting data and information from outside sources on the Web or Internet. Cyber security technicians are professionals who have received special knowledge and learned skills that, help provide protection for networks, servers, intranets and Computer systems, etc. These measures and processes also make sure that just authorized users are given access to that information, thus securing the privacy of shared information to only persons who should be given access. 

In a commercial workplace or office where a number of professionals work, one person may go to one of their colleague’s computer systems, install a flash drive and steal confidential data. This falls specifically under the category of information security. If a person, sitting in a place which is thousands of miles away from where the company operates from, is successful in hacking into that firm’s network, and breaches their system, this company seriously requires cybersecurity. Simply said, where there is a breach of data security from a remote place, it is a case of cybercrime, and cybersecurity helps prevent the crime. 

What is Information Security?

Information security is nothing but protecting information and information systems from persons who are not authorized to use, access, modify, and even remove the information. It is like data security that involves protecting data from being hacked or stolen.  

Data is categorized as information which has some concrete meaning. All information falling under managed IT network services in Florida, is simply data, but not all data is information. When some information is stored in a computer system, it means it is data that is being stored. It isn’t unless it is actually processed that it becomes information. As soon as it becomes information, then it is required to be secured and protected from external sources. These sources may not actually be in cyberspace.

What is the Difference between Cyber Security and Information Security

Although often, it is taken that there is not much of a difference between Cyber Security and Information Security and that both are similar. But, that is not true in the technical terminology and interpretation, since they are different. Both of these processes provide protection against information and data being stolen, accessed or changed. However, that is the point where they become different from one another. 

Information under IT network support services should not necessarily be contained or stored in a computer, to require setting up of an information security system for it. Even if, it is kept preserved inside an ordinary file cabinet, it requires suitable information security. Cybersecurity is all about managing and protecting data and information from outside sources in cyberspace or the Internet.

Bottom Line

With the Internet and cloud computing overwhelming the world, especially within the managed IT network services in Florida, and controlling pretty much all aspects of our lives, people and organizations should be protected from the various internal and external threats to its security and safety. As significant as it is to figure out how cybersecurity and information security are different, it’s equally as critical to have proper protection from both types of threats. So, when implementing security systems, first the difference between cybersecurity and information security should be deciphered.

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