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What is win32malware-gen and How To Remove it?

Steven Hansen



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When was the last time you clicked a link in a random email without really thinking where it would lead to? The chances are that you opened your computer to malicious malware. What is win32:malware-gen and how to remove it? This is one main question that you should be clear about. Whether you are using a high-end computer or a basic laptop, you should know about some of the standard malware programs like this one. 

What is win32:malware-gen?

Malware is any program that is designed to help hackers find a way into your system. When your antivirus program gives you a prompt that a ‘win32 malware-gen’ was detected, this means that there is the possibility of a 32-bit file on your computer to be corrupted. This could be a malicious file that can pose a threat to your system. There could be a host of unwanted programs that reach your computer from links your click and files you download from the internet. 

Why should you be worried?

This malicious 32bit file can cause some severe troubles on your computer if you do not address the issue at the earliest. Most of the sophisticated antivirus programs today detect such viruses before they can create problems. In the case of win32:malware-gen here are a few things that can happen if you ignore the issue – 

•    This can automatically download any file on your machine without a trace. The downloaded file could be another malware, more harmful than the one already present.

•    Such files can record date from the computer. This data could be information that you type on your keyboard, which includes passwords, login credentials for banks, and other such sensitive information. 

•    Information collected from the keystrokes and recorded data can then lead to fraudulent activities happening on the computer. This puts your personal and financial data at risk. 

•    These files can also be used by hackers to gain access to your computer. When hackers gain access to any computer, there is the possibility of them misusing the computer for fraudulent and illegal activities. 

•    Most of the webpages you visit might contain malicious links that can worsen the situation.

With avast win32:malware-gen being common in most machines, there are now many easy methods available to help remove this virus. 

How to identify whether your PC has been infected with malware?

Here are a few signs to look out for –

•    Too many pop-up messages on your screen while browsing the web

•    The frequent crashing of the computer

•    Lag issues start occurring all on a sudden

•    If you are using a laptop, you might notice a sudden drop in the battery performance

•    Control Panel doesn’t open

•    Your contacts receive malicious emails from your account

•    You notice shortcut files that you did not create

Google Chrome browser can also display a few indications of the presence of malware in your computer 

How to remove win32:malware-gen?

Elimination of malware programs can be effective when you choose the right type of anti-malware programs. 

Malwarebytes is one of the most popular recommendations for addressing the win32 malware-gen issue. This program can thoroughly scan your machine and eliminate the threat. 

When a scan of your PC with Malwarebytes yields the above result, then your computer is free from threats. 

Most of the reputed antivirus programs do this step automatically. Run a complete scan of all the drives. If your malware doesn’t allow your antivirus program to run, then you might find the anti-malware programs to be beneficial. Hitman Pro, Emisoft Emergency Kit is the other popular programs that most people use to address the issue of win32 malware-gen. Once you have removed the malware with the help of one of these tools, you should also remember to reset your browser to default settings. Clearing all the data, including browsing history, is also a good idea. 

What are the preventive measures you can take?

Now that you have removed the threat, your PC should bounce back to its original high-performance condition soon. Here are a few steps to take to prevent malware attacks in the future-Choose a dependable anti-virus program with a strong antimalware feature
  • Enable secure browsing mode in your antivirus program. This will notify you of suspicious links before you click them
  • Do not ignore your antivirus’ warning of potentially dangerous sites, especially in the world of online gaming and gambling. 
  • Do not open emails or click on links from the emails from unidentified sources
  • Do not click on fancy pop-up ads that talk about huge wins and other information that lure users 
  • Avoid accessing your financial information or using banking apps when you are connected to a public WiFi network
  • Secure your email account with a strong password and keep changing it regularly
  • Keep scheduled full system scan on so as to identify threats on time

Protecting your PC from malware is an ongoing process. It requires continuous efforts from the user and from the antivirus program as well.

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