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VeriClock: Overview, Pricing, and Features

Steven Hansen



An introduction

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VeriClock is an easy to use and simple employee productivity enhancement software which is web-based and provides many essential features to do its intended task.

VeriClock can be used with ease to manage and accurately record time and attendance of your company’s employees who outside the formally anointed office space. The employees can clock in and out of the app by using their phones or the Internet. Some of the tool’s verification techniques include voice authentication, GPS tagging, and recording of the IP addresses.

VeriClock comes in handy as it eliminates the need for specialized hardware or software programs to record employee-related data, especially the report-in’s and report outs. Thus, it does away with old clumsy methods which involved sheets and registers, and not to forget the logbooks.


VeriClock Features and Overview

VeriClock is strictly a web web-based platform thus far which in a practical sense is an employee time tracking service. This quality of VeriClock is suited to be perfect for those that have mobile phones and fixed workforces. Employees can use the VeriClock in and out of work through any number of devices that range from an ordinary old-fashioned phone to smartphones which are web-enabled and have applications access.


Business owners and managers can use these features to manage and monitor work time data in real-time, get detailed reports of staff presence, and later import that data onto analytics systems with ease to save precious time handling all that data manually. Some of the features and their details as they co-relate to the work interests of our readers are mentioned in the following passages:

Punch Machines: These tools, or rather a set of tools are made as a digital substitute for punching machines that are intended to note down the staff’s incoming and outgoing timings and attendance.

Verification & Signatures: VeriClok can be used to verify each specific employee’s presence and use their authorized designation as digital signatures.

Real-Time Data upkeep & Communication Tool: VeriClock comes with features that enable its users to gather and manage user data effectively and in-real time gives alerts and notification related to work.

It can also be used as a group platform to manage the staff accordingly via the real-time information available on hand.

As a Human Resource Tool: Vericlock on top of being a simple data logger, also functions as the main screen to the workforce’s activity. It can hence be used as an effective monitoring tool.

The data gathered can serve as analytics to the managers and increase work productivity along with saving the company precious time and money and other resources spent at aptly managing the workforce.

Cloud-Based & Compatible: Vericlock, as being a web-based platform itself, uses cloud computing to its benefits. This provides its users with the flexibility of handling the information and data associated with this tool.

The data gathered can also be used in auditing tools and integration with other software and management systems such as ‘peachtree’. 

To conclude this section: Since every company is different in some way or another, and they all have specific business-related needs; it is, therefore, wise to go for the tool that can be made to work in harmony with your pre-existing management systems and protocols.  It is in this regard the VeriClock makes its mark as being highly compatible and flexible.

Pricing & Closing Remarks

VeriClock comes in a free trial version which of course, is limited in features. This free version though limited can still be used for a tiny workforce in limited contexts. The free version may also come in useful if someone is to familiarize themselves with VeriClock before formally buying it. Hence, it can also serve as a training tool.

The full potential as evidence can only be unlocked by buying the full version of VeriClock. The full version is inclusive of all the amazing features of VeriClock, is priced at $5 per user. The subscription fee, however, remains $15 per month and is also independent of the fee per user, which to reinforce stands at $5 per head.

VeriClock provides a useful component of the simplicity of use with highly effective features which few other management systems offer at such low price with this high level of functionality.

Lastly, it might be of use to mention some add-on features that VeriClock Provides its users with, such as:

•          Phone call & SMS time logging (3$ per user)

•          GPS tracking for standard GSM phones.

•          SMS/Text alerts and notifications

•          Ability to send Photo and video attachments

These features are non-standard to VeriClock but in complementing the standard features and uses of VeriClock, they make up for a good bargain.

Steven is a founder of He is a specialist in digital security solution business design and development, virtualization and cloud computing R&D projects, establishment and management of software research direction. He loves writing about Cloud Computing, Data Management, and Cyber Security.

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