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Veriato: Overview, Pricing, and Features

Steven Hansen



Introduction To Veriato

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Veriato (previously known as Veratio 360) is an employee monitoring solution like no other, being a premium service. It provides employers with premium visibility about the work affairs of the staff as it relates to the staff’s online space, as well as their disk space on the computers at the workplace.


This application was designed to track and monitor the work of not just in-office or permanent staff but also work details of the third party and contractual employees. Veriato actively logs the data of people who use the company’s IT resources so those who are connected with the organization’s computers and other networking assets can be comprehensively monitored.

Using Veriato, the management team and administrative staff can have full control over the kind of data that is to be collected, and access to the data itself. Veriato also imparts certain features devoted to enhancing the software’s flexibility. These qualities of Veriato allows its buyers to customize and re-define the software according to their own needs.


Features & Overview of Veriato

Summing up the amazing features Veriato offers in a few words is tricky, primarily because of the extent of the advantages Veriato has to offer to its users. 

Productivity Management & Enhancement

Veriato’s main intent and purpose are to monitor the rate of work done, and the office works itself. This is done in regard to how much or how little work the employees do. This allows the businesses to identify the outliers as regards the work and resolve those issues.

The data and information gathered by Veriato can be thus used as an empirical tool for increasing work and employee productivity without falling for the redundancies.

Screen Capture & Recording

Veriato also features the ability to capture screenshots and video recordings of the employee computer use. This function can be automated as per the administrator’s wishes. These can also be made to start when a trigger set up to activate on some pre-set conditions, such as certain actions and keywords. This increases the security of the digital systems in work, thus avoiding possible security and safety breaches.

Sensitive Data & Intelligence Gathering

Some of the workings of the company are held to be off-limits to employees who do not meet certain criteria so as to avoid the breaching of the company’s intercity. 

In a company, there are people who handle highly sensitive and confidential data which may be used for malicious intents and pose security risks. This is where Veriato’s role is highlighted.

With Veriato the employer can monitor those individuals involved with sensitive work details. This enables the high designated employees and other stakeholders of the business can rest, assured that the information underheld by the workforce is in safe hands.

As far as useful intel gathering is concerned that can be viewed as useful in improving work productivity, Veriato comes equipped with numerous tools organizations can utilize to collect data on employees’ activities that pertain to maintaining a coherent security and safety instrument and decorum.

Customizability & Flexibility

Most aspects of Veriato are highly-configurable as per the needs of the buyer. This gives companies ultimate control on how they wish to use this software in ways that cater specifically to their needs.

Veriato thus also serves as a micro-management tool. The staff’s administrator or managers can even set the software to monitor certain activities at particular periods in which they can define themselves. The functions that relate to the flexibility of Veiato are as follows:

•          Alerts

•          Screenshots

•          Video Playback & Export

•          File & Document Tracking

•          Email Monitoring

•          Web Activity Tracking

•          Keystroke Auditing

•          Application Activity Monitoring

•          Network Activity Tracking

•          Chat & IM Activity Monitoring

•          User Status Tracking

•          Third-Party Integrations

•          Quick View Panels

•          Search Capability

•          Reporting Function

Pricing & Conclusion

Veriato is unlike most other monitoring, analyzing and productivity enhancement software in the market. It is much more detailed in every aspect with a prime focus on security. It provides the users with every tool and opportunity they can possibly demand to have to have on large, commercial-scale employee monitoring and safety& security solution in the digital paradigm.

Veriato is extensively used by industrial giants like Bridgestone, Sony and even defense industry like Northrop Grumman 7 Lockheed Martin employ Veriato’s services. This stands as a testimony to the greatness of this software.

The price of using Veriato is highly dependent on the scale of it’s intended use and thus not standardized as most other similar software’s’ prices are.  For that sake, and for even getting a chance at having a free trial of Veriato, it is instructed that the company ‘Veriato’ is contacted.

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