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TimeDoctor: Overview, Pricing, and Features

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Time Doctor is a dedicated software made to precisely track the employee work times. It is ideal for freelancers and individuals who are self-employed; for those who want to improve their productivity. It also has used for business owners that want to monitor the employees’ activity on the go, without the bounds of space. It provides an overview of the records and information of the target user as to what sites and apps they have used.

on the go, without the bounds of space. It provides an overview of the records and information of the target user as to what sites and apps they have used.

The data gathered by TimeDoctor is accurate, exact and specific. This information can be used in multiple ways, for example as billing for clients with recorded proof of service rendered an the time perimeters of those services.


Therefore, TimeDoctor can be said to be an ideal tool which can help improve the workforce’s efficiency and productivity

TimeDoctor’s Features and their Overview

Time Doctor is not a mere time tracking platform, it’s a holistic tool apt to function in a multitude of ways that focus on improving the work productivity and efficiency of all those involved with using this software. It’s easy to use high performing software capable of improving the productivity of both the individuals and teams. Following are some of the many features and benefits thereof, that come with TimeDoctor:

timedoctor overview

Precise and Accurate Time Logging and Monitoring

Recording and logging time of the workforce appears to be a simple task but as it turns out, it is very complicated. An app like TimeDoctor comes in handy in a lot of ways as most of the human activities are inherently time-constrained.

This is where TimeDoctor comes in handy as a tool for optimizing work proficiency of the staff of any working organization, or even of individuals which can use TimeDoctor for their own purposes.

2 Different Styles

Time Doctor comes in 2 different albeit identical (and teleologically same) personas. Name “Silent” and “Interactive“.

The two versions: the silent and interactive work in a somewhat different fashion. The silent app is used for actively tracking computer activity as long as it’s logged on. It operates passively in the background so that it remains virtually non-existent to users. This is ideal for managing the staff in an office space that uses office owned computers.

The Interactive version operates actively via an interface that the user can use to switch the tracker on and off with a simple press of a button. The rest of the app’s function is the same as that of the silent version. This version is catered and suited to those who would work at an induvial level.

Screen Capture

TimeDoctor offers a feature that, which when enabled can be used to capture screenshots of the user’s display. The app gives the user the ability to customize the screen capture process. Besides the image of the screen, every screenshot also tells mouse and keyboard activity through an indicator.

For the sake of privacy and confidentiality, the screenshots can also be seen by the users and they can delete the ones they don’t feel comfortable being seen by anyone else. This makes TimeDoctor ethically superior to many others, having a transparent approach.

User & Clients Friendly

A unique privilege provided by TimeDoctor is that the users are able to provide their clients with access to the app without paying the additional costs for each client of theirs. Thus, user-friendliness makes TimeDoctor a confidant for all the parties involved.

Reminders & Alerts

Time Doctor application helps its users in getting more productive by featuring the ability to put on reminders and alerts. These reminders and alerts are highly customizable and can serve multiple functions. Some even associated with client billing, and work details of the services provided by the business.

Extensive Flexibility

Time Doctor is very flexible and multiplatform friendly. It can adapt to various business needs and the user can configure most of the options that come with this app.

It can seamlessly integrate with a number of CRM tools as well including Zoho and Zapier among others. Time Doctor also provides an API that allows for integration with other applications.

Easy of Access

Virtually any working computer with an Internet connection can operate Time Doctor. TimeDoctor is available on Linux, Mac, and Windows as well as the ability to be run on smartphones running on Android and IOS.

Secure and Hassle-free

This software secures and encrypts all the data, information, records, logs, screenshots, etc it records with an SSL encryption. The record containing files are also encrypted as additional security. The servers are virtually unbreachable and highly secure.

Price & Conclusion

The cost of using TimeDoctor is relatively very cheap. Like much other software of the kind, TimeDoctor is available for a free trial with limited features.

The paid version, which unleashes the full potential of this software is priced at $15 per month per person. Keeping in mind the extensive features TimeDoctor offers, sufficiently low price, TimeDoctor proves itself as a major player in employee management and productivity enhancement solutions.

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