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Teramind: Overview, Pricing, and Features

Steven Hansen



An introduction

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Teramind is one of the topmost employee monitoring and security software. Teramind performs effectively as it showcases itself to be a strong employee monitoring space with wholistic monitoring features along with embedded reporting and generating of analytics. It brings features that many others in this product category of employee monitoring systems often do not offer, including it’s unique deep alerting and automation capability.

The masterpiece in Teramind’s arsenal is, however, the amazing interface it offers to optimize the ease with which Teramind can be put to effective use. With customizable volume-based user pricing that is reasonably in line with its competitors, complemented with several privacy features, Teramind is undoubtedly one of the best if not the best employee monitoring software out there.

Teramind’s Features and Overview

Teramind comes with an assortment of amazing features that a company would want to have to increase their productivity and manage their human resources with ease. Among those many features that Teramind offers, some are mentioned in the following passages.

teramind interface screenshot

Active Monitoring

Teramind takes an active approach to employee monitoring in contrast to a rather passive one. It relays all the relevant information related to the staff’s computer usage in real-time to the staff administrator. Enabling them to make decisions on the go, without having to wait for a detailed report generated afterwords.


Teramind offers its buyers the opportunity to comprehensively track and monitor the employees’ web activity. This is not limited to just keeping an eye on web usage but also the internet traffic that gets generated and passes through other networking clients besides the browser.

The web-activity can be controlled and as well as the internet routine can be enforced to achieve maximum employee productivity. Teramind is in that regards a great tool.

Employee’s Performance Analytics

The usage of the computer from the employee’s perspective greatly influences the company’s or a workplace’s productivity and in the completion of their goals and objectives.

teramind focus dashboard screenshot

Teramind comprehensively tracks and monitors the computer device usage of the employee and details that in charts and graphs and other useful infographics which can be easily interpreted by the staff managers and those in charge of the human resource. This provides the opportunity to optimize and tweak the work parameters so as to achieve greater efficiency.

Remote Access and Control

On top of the other already mentioned features, Teramind enables the monitors to access the data of the employee and their staff. Teramind also enables the management teams to directly intervene in case of providing help to their employees and thus Teramind also enhances the team working capacity of the workplace.

These features are not restricted to being used in scenarios related to the safety and security of the computer devices, nor are they restricted to being used just a productivity enhancement tool. With Teramind, all of the aforementioned qualities can be made to function in harmony. A quality many other Employee monitoring systems and tools often fail to inculcate.

Effective Data Logging

There are a multitude of employee Monitoring systems in the market and they all market themselves as being a good source for recording data that can be audited. This is mostly true, but what most fail to perceive is that how the data is logged onto reports and then later included in the infographics and audit reports, counts a lot.

It is in this area that Teramind stands out. It takes an intelligent approach at gathering and noting down the employee’s computer usage data. Teramind filters out the irrelevant logs which even if not irrelevant pollutes the correct information and renders the information generated thereof, invalid.

Privacy and Compliance

This issue pertains not to Teramind directly but to its fair use. Teramind in this regard delivers in a fantastic fashion.

Teramind comes with an Audit tab that an admin can check to see which managers are serving as monitors and what they are monitoring. This takes the ethical complications out of the equation and thus maintains transparency and removes any point of objection that can take the shape of a legal dilemma. This makes Teramind compliant to legal obligations in Europe and the states in the USA, as in some European countries, as per law, the company is liable to tell their employees that they are being monitored.


Teramind comes in a free trial format which is limited in features. The free trial version can be used to get acclimatized to this software and review it on-hands.

The real deal, however, which includes all the amazing features Teramind offers, starts at $18.00 per month per user but is flexible in price as the data volume can be customized

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