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StaffCop: Overview, Pricing, and Features

Steven Hansen




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StaffCop is a wholistic corporate security software designed by Atom Security Inc. It is intended to help businesses in monitoring and tracking employees’ PC and internet activities. This is an all in one system that helps the managers or staff administrators in keeping track of the office computers usage and logs of employee action, and another type of PC activity. It analyzes the data automatically but also features the option to be customizable.


StaffCop is a reliable platform, ensuring that all employees are compliant with your company policies, and it thus serves as a means upon which to improve the workforce’s productivity rates.

In addition to being all that, StaffCop is an effective digital police force acting on behalf of the employer’s agency. It is a proficient employee tracking tool. It can be used to stop unauthorized distribution of confidential work-related data. By using it, the staff management personnel can have the option to block sites and manage the staff’s internet use, and keep all the employees on the task.


Features and Their Overview

Staffcop is a powerful and one of the best employee monitoring software that provides its users with a complete set of features that are aimed at improving the workforce’s productivity. It holds the companies’ policies and privacy of great importance.

Keeping in mind this fact, StaffCop gives its users to operate this software in either transparent mode, or in anonymous mode. As the names suggest, each of the modes gives the user the option to be either transparent or otherwise remain anonymous in tracking down the employee computer and network usage.

The StaffCop has a remote tracking capability which lets the admins see the employees’ computer usage without having the need to log in to their computers. Also, It has a real-time capability which lets the admin monitor the employee’s app usage, web usage and their corresponding duration and time of launch. The screen of the employee’s computer remains visible all the while if the admin wishes so.

A comprehensive report viewer wizard is also featured in StaffCop. It generates detailed analytics regarding employee’s computer usage. The information and data collected can be obtained in the form of charts and tables, describing the details of the employee’s activity. All of the subsequent information can then be used to optimize and further control the staff’s computers in ways that can improve work productivity. Along with the apparent benefits of these features, issues related to safety and security of work data and that data’s integrity can also be addressed by using StaffCop.

Some of the key features that stand to the benefit of StaffCop and their details in brief are:

Screenshot recording: StaffCop enables the staff admins to take the screenshots of their staff’s computer on their command, periodically, and upon triggering of some application. This feature is customizable and highly programmable.

Email monitoring: This software keeps a strict check on the emails that come into or are generated from the staff’s computer.

Website monitoring: StaffCop cannot be complete without having the feature to monitor the web activity of the staff. It enables the administrative and managerial staff, or other the employer to not only monitor but also control the web activity of their staff, thus ensuring a smooth work schedule free from distraction and inefficient web usage.

Web-Communication and Skype tracking: Apart from the usual web activity, communication undertaken by Skype and some other communication clients is also taken into account.

Keyword tracking: Certain keywords that the company deems worthy to be tracked can be added to the StaffCop so that the employer can be alerted whenever the trigger is activated.

Social network monitoring: Employee social network users can often be detrimental to work productivity. This problem can be done away with using StaffCop as it monitors and if need be, restrict the staff’s use of social networking sites like facebook.

Files and folder monitoring: This comes as evident.  StaffCop monitors the staff’s computer holistically and that includes monitoring the files and folder transfers.

Invisible mode: As mentioned, all of the tasks mentioned thus far can be undertaken without having to alert and notifying the staff. This application can work anonymously and stay hidden from the employee.

Work time control: This software can be also used, apart from simple monitoring and data gathering, to manage the employee worktime in an automated fashion, thus saving managerial efforts.

Report generation: All the data accumulated on behalf of StaffCop on the staff’s computer and web usage, etcetera, can be detailed in the form of easy to read reports. This information can be integrated into an analytics platform to optimize the use of the workforce. 

Pricing and Closing Words

As is the case with many other software and platforms of the type, StaffCop is available in the free trial version.

staffcop pricing screenshot

The full version is priced at varying rates depending on the total number of computers this software will make to work on. For use in a single pc, the price stands at $43. For 2, or more than 2 computers, the price is as follows;

  • 2 to 20 computers – $39 per computer
  • 21 to 50 computers – $36 per computer
  • 51 to 100 computers – $34 per computer
  • 101 to 300 computers – $32 per computer
  • 500+ computers – $30 per computer

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