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Space Organizations That COVID-19 Won’t Affect

Mark Hackett



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COVID-19 has stopped activities, thus hindering economies’ financial state. Companies are doing everything they can to stand. However, even the highest established organizations are encountering challenges.

The space sector

The capitalization in this sector went up to two to three billion dollars a year before COVID-19, and there were hopes to get to one trillion dollars by 2040.

Now, space organizations are halting their activities; people are working from home, production, and most operations got halted. On the brighter side, some space organizations are not likely to get affected by the epidemic. See those organizations below.


1. SpaceX

This company got established in 2000, and from then it has achieved a lot. This entity has Falcon nine, Falcon Heavy automobiles, Dragon Cargo satellite, and missile industries, and a spaceport in America.

The organization produces fifteen to twenty systems each year, and it features the lowest launching price.

2. Lockheed Martin

The company was established in 1995, and it deals with aircraft and ship construction, planning and infrastructure automation, and evolution of space.

In 2013, this organization was named the most significant venture worldwide in the military-industrial complex.

The achievements of the entity in the space sector are impressive. It runs several launch automobiles and has many connection satellites, spacecraft, and GPS monitoring.

3. Blue Origin

The entity was created by Jeff Bezos, who also started Amazon’s biggest item aggregator. The company came up with a recyclable triple spacecraft meant for vertical flying and landing. It was also about to finish the creation of a heavy New Glenn lunch automobile. Last year again, the company presented a prototype of the moon landing module.

4. Firefly Aerospace

This entity is a US startup that came about in 2014. It got established by Tom Markusic, who used to work for SpaceX, and other space companies.

The organization was about to go down when it lost its leading investor. Luckily, Max Polyakov invested eighty million dollars and brought it back to life. So far, Firefly has created vehicles using the best technologies. It also started the R and D center and got authorization from America to use the Vandenberge Air Force Base.

5. Aerojet Rocketdyne

This entity was established in 2013 by the merging of two rivals, Rocketdyne and Aerojet. The best performances of this company encompass several engines that got used in ICBM Jupiter, Delta, and LV Saturn.

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