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Services with Free Virtual Numbers from Sweden

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Virtual directories are very popular nowadays. Common people, business managers, marketers, SEO specialists and others need them to make their life easier. Individuals do not want to share their personal numbers with the Web-sites and business leaders need them for account creation.

Since it is needed to verify your phone number with a special SMS sent by a platform, it is more comfortable to use online numbers than physical SIMs. Different companies offer different options.

Since Sweden is located in Europe, there are many providers that offer virtual directories from Sweden. There are free and paid virtual directories. Usually paid services gain more trust among the customers. However, there are quite decent free options as well. Besides, many providers offer their services as free trials so you could try and see if everything is suitable for you.


Do not forget to check if Sweden is among the supported countries while choosing your virtual numb provider. Other important things to pay attention at are:

  • delivery time;
  • connection stability;
  • security;
  • variety of countries and numbers.

If you choose a reliable online SIM accommodation, you will not suffer from issues like not delivered verification codes.

Free SMS Receivers from Sweden

Get acquainted with the list of virtual directory SMS receivers that work for Sweden for free. Here is the list of free virtual SMS number providers.


This online SMS receiver has global coverage and gives 50 messages as a trial for free. However, having used them, you will have to pay for the service.

WholeSale SMS

This company’s coverage is also global. It offers 25 free SMS and paid tariffs if you are satisfied with the free trial.

Receive SMS Online

Messages from Sweden come in about 1 minute. The numbers are available for a short time period like a few days or several months. The level of safety desires to be higher.

It works worldwide and for Sweden as well. Registration on their web-site is not needed.


This virtual number accommodation works with more than 30 countries around the globe including Sweden. There are free options and paid tariffs. OnlineSIM has a high protection level. Authentication codes come in quickly. There usually are no delays.

Free Online Phone

Free Online Phone service does not want you to register. It is free to receive and there are no paid options to send. The safety is in question.

Obviously, you can go with paid options, but it is worth your attention to check SMS receive free online accommodations first.

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