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OneIdentity: Overview, Pricing, and Features

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OneIdentity is one of a kind Access management Software that comes with multiple features aimed at improving workplace efficiency with ease.

OneIdentity provides its user the ease of managing user accounts, govern identities, and control their staff’s access. This application was designed to manage user identities and access. It a great value on return on investments. It can be used to track and monitor the work of not just in-office or permanent staff and control that if necessary. OneIdentity features streamline hybrid Active Directory (AD) management and improved password control. It can be used to consolidate systems, securely manage application access and much more.

Overview and The Features:

OneIdentity from Dell is to simply put is a secure access management utility for users and groups at reasonable costs. One Identity works by automating account creation assigning access. It streamlines the administration, and stores securely the identities, their passwords and numerous types of directories. It can be used to remove cumbersome manual processes that are old to the point of redundancy.


OneIdenity provides the users with tools they can use to increase security and significantly improve work efficiency. Thus, make the workplace able to designated goals and objects in a timely and effective manner with minimal effort. achieve compliance more easily.

Some of the Key feature and their details are:

1.      Single sign-on and federation

With this feature, the user can gain full access to single sign-on capabilities. There are virtually no limits to what systems or applications are used. These sign-on capabilities include true single sign-on, enterprise-level single sign-on, and web single sign-on. Other vital information that is related to this function such as password synchronization is also performed simultaneously. All in all, One Identity products provide the users with solutions made easy by means of comprehensive capabilities to simplify and secure authentication for everyone involved, be it the users, or partners, or otherwise.

2.      Hybrid Active Directory management and security

This feature lets the user of OneIdentity Products to efficiently and easily control user accounts and group memberships in crucial hybrid AD environments. Enabling the admins to simplify management by automating a range of administrative duties. This can be used to streamline account creation and unify account management after. It can also be used as an AD/AAD migration or consolidation tool.

3.      Password management

OneIdentity products present its users with the ability to simplify password management, all the while ensuring strict security measures. This helps in reducing the high-cost companies have to pay to reset password and other hard-stored data with self-service capabilities. The management can be used to implement comprehensive password policies with micromanagement capabilities across multiple platforms and applications. To top it all, OneIdenity offers the ability to unify identities and synchronize passwords with the accounts.

4.      Two-Factor Authentication

The Two-factor authentication is the simplest means and perhaps the most secure way for organizations to solve the issues pertaining to password management. This ensures user identities remain synchronous to passwords and other user details.

This should be taken into consideration that not all two-factor solutions are identical and they employ different mechanisms to get the work done. In this case, organizations should consider their feasibility as it relates to the solution’s architecture, ease of deployment and administration. These factors influence available tokens and overall cost. In this regard, One Identity offers both on-premises and SaaS-based two-factor authentication. It provides its users with a multitude of solutions that suit their respective organizations best.

5.      Identity and directory consolidation and migration

To conclude this section, it is worth a great deal to mention this feature of directory consolidation. Managing hefty and huge directories without further complicating things is a humongous task that requires a great deal of meticulousness and speed.

OneIdentiy products reduce the overall complexity and they help its users to optimize their environment with on-premises, virtualized or cloud-based identities. They can use the tools to consolidate incoherent and disparate systems and identities into existing infrastructure without employing brute force and crude ineffective methods. All of this helps facilitate data migrations and extend AD to non-Windows systems.

Pricing & Conclusion

To get a hands-on experience of the extent of the usefulness of the products of OneIdenity, the user can opt for a free trial.

To get the full benefits, however, requires purchasing the products. OneIdentity doesn’t display the price on their website. To get informed of the price requires directly contacting the company via the option easily available on their product’s website.

To conclude, the products offered by OneIdentity are excellent and they deliver as expected. The compatibility for the integration of OneIdentity products is a great selling point that ought to be taken into account along with all of its amazing features.

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