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Mpix: In-depth Overview

Mark Hackett



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A quick google search on the internet is sure to reward you with multiple online Photo optimizing, editing and printing platform.  There is one though that stands out from the rest: Mpix.

Mpix is a renowned high-end photo printing service. It offers its users with multiple photo printing features which we will discuss in detail in the following paragraphs.

Mpix is a platform that is preferred by professional photographers and amateurs alike. In retrospect, the skills and techniques of the photographers are in any case complemented by the Mpix online photo printing services. Professional photographers will not fail to be amazed by the beautiful assortment of picture printing tools MPIX provides.

On top of that Mpix is the only major online platform that stills develops and prints the age-old films which have since many years now been overtaken by digital photography. Mpix has a multitude of price options depending on the usage of its features and the overall print quantities. Relatively speaking, the prices are a bit higher at Mpix than some other photo finishers available in the online market.

The results of the photographs, the interface and ease with which the user can modify the prints to his or her needs, the Mpix website interface as well as its app counterpart Mpix Tap to Print in IOS apple store, the shipment packages, and amenities, and foremost the exquisite photographic finishes are worthy to behold.


Let’s take a look at the amazing features Mpix has to offer and understand why it is the best place in the world of the internet to print photos.

Types of Prints and their Pricing

Mpix has multitudes of photo printing options and the price thereof depends on the type and size, as well as the quantity of the photos printed. Among the many types of printing options, some are:

Giclee Prints

Giclee printing is a process that results in prints of higher image quality and details than traditional printing methods. It uses seven dye-based inks. The resultant prints are second to none and at quality par-excellence. The size range starts from ‘4×5.3’, all the way up to ‘12×12’. The more the pictures, the cheaper the price per picture. As an example, 1 to 2  prints of ‘4×5.3’ sized pictures cost $0.44, while 11 or more prints of the same size cost $0.35 per print.

Canvas Prints

As the name suggests, the printing here is done on a canvas sheet that can be hung on the wall. This type of printing is therefore ideal for wall hangings. The printing is done on top of the line Certified Archival quality canvas and is hand-stretched onto a wooden frame. The sizes for such prints start from 8×10″, all the way up to 30×40″. The prices naturally vary accordingly.

Collage Prints

These printing options enable the users with the ability to have a collection of many photos collaged together to form a wonderful picture assortment. The user is provided with an option to choose from many available frames as well as other customizable features which are an exclusive feature of Mpix.

Metal Prints

The prints are printed on the selected pieces of metals with dyes suited for the task and thus result in the creation of magnificent metal prints unlike any other. Mpix uses special dyes to ensure that the print quality is excellent and the user cherishes this print option. The prints are printed on premium quality Aluminum sheets. These sheets can be easily mounted or otherwise be used as conventional frames. The size of such print ranges from 4×4 to 30×40. The price naturally varies accordingly but is nonetheless the most affordable, keeping in mind the immaculate quality of the prints.

Poster Prints

These are large poster-sized prints developed on suitable posters and are usually intended to be plastered as a wall, or on a wall. Mpix lets its users avail of this wonderful print feature to turn their photos to living walls, with many personalization options.

Standout Prints

These are prints on the user-selected choice of paper on 1.5″ foam board with thick black, maple or wooden finish. Coming in different sizes, these prints are easy to attach to the walls where they stand out from the rest of the wall hangings.

Wood Prints

Wood Prints come in the form of a 1 ½” piece of wood with a maple frame and a birch top. The user is given the freedom to have their own choice of Wood or White Base. It comes with an inbuilt level for easy hanging.

Acrylic Prints

These are printed directly on an acrylic surface featuring a surface of white screen print back for translucency. It too comes equipped with the appropriate tools for easy hanging.


Mpix allows its users to processes 35mm film of different exposure values. For the most part of the history of printing photographs, films have been a pinnacle. So, if it’s an old film photograph you find yourself looking to print in this age of digitization. Do not despair.

How to use Mpix and its Ordering Options

Mpix has an easy to use the website. Mpix enables its users to upload photos from their PCs or use their IOS app to do so. Mpix allows its users to upload photos from numerous social media and cloud storage platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, OneDrive and Google Drive among many others. The file formats are compatible and the user needs not to worry about the compatibility issues of the photo files.

After the photos have been uploaded, the user is given the option to crop, zoom, rotate, include a text overlay, and some other effects. The numerous print types and sizes to are at the user’s discretion.

Before finalizing the order, the user is given the option to avail of other features that most other Mpix competitors often fail to provide like Glass Glare Removal, Stray Hair Removal, Red-Eye Reduction, Braces Removal, and Teeth Whitening. 

Other Salient Features of using Mpix

Doing just about the perfect job of printing photographs and pictures isn’t the only strong point of using Mpix. On top of that all, Mpix offers a humongous variety of over the top customizations for photos. Users can get their avail of the option of printing cards, calendars, and photo books. Numerous other features too, such as printing on keychains and elaborate printing on shower curtains among many others.

Shipping and Packaging

The shipping and packaging quality of Mpix is undoubtedly one of the best. The turnaround rate for shipping is phenomenal. The price, of course, varies depending on the pace of the shipping and some other features. The packaging is done in a superb fashion to ensure the final product is uncompromised in every aspect to guarantee user’s satisfaction.

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