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InterGuard: Overview, Pricing, and Features

Steven Hansen



A Brief Introduction

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InterGuard is an effective employee monitoring tool designed by Awareness Technologies. It’s a great platform that equips its users’ businesses with the features they require to increase work productivity, get an insight into employee work details, securely manage critical and confidential data, and ensure that the workplace decorum is maintained.

InterGuard is designed to work in secrecy and hence anonymously. The employee does not get aware of the presence of this software. It’s a great tool for the workforce of varying sizes. InterGuard platform rest on the modular notions of data loss prevention, remote endpoint lockdown, and web filtering. These all in conjunction to ensure safety, security and increase productivity. It is also worth noting that these modular functions can be implemented on an individual basis as well.

All these functionalities make InterGuard a prime choice for anyone that wishes to control all the aspects of employees’ computer activity. It should be said with direct assertation that InterGuard is essentially a surveillance platform that can be put to use as per the wishes of the managing staff or anyone else that holds the power over the platform.


InterGuard is also available on mobile phones and not just on desktop computers. It is easily integrate-able with numerous other business management systems and platforms like Citrix, VMWare, and other products from InterGuard.

Overview of The Features

InterGuard comes equipped with a multitude of great features some of which are highlighted in the introduction. The details of the features are provided in the following passages:

Productivity Improvement Tools

InterGuard provides the user’s company an opportunity to look into their staff’s performance with an eagle eye. These tools can be used by the employer to enhance the overall performance of their staff by working on the weaknesses on part of the staff. The tools gather vital information an employee’s computer use and the mangers can then use to their benefits as regards the workforce productivity. InterGuard thus makes the work for managers very easy.

Comprehensive Monitoring and Data logging Tools

This platform features a robust productivity monitoring module. This module does the managing in an automated fashion for the employer. It not only gathers data and records websites and apps the staff uses, but it also notes down and logs the time spent on each site and application. It then automatically differentiates the staff’s productive activities from the non-productive activities and hence provides the employer with ease to analyze and address the issues of productivity.  Not to forget the locks that can be placed on computer and web usage to ensure work productivity is maintained.

Immense Monitoring Flexibility

This is one of the most outstanding features of InterGuard. It can be used to monitor employees regardless of pf where they work at. It is highly portable in this regard. It can also be installed on mobile devices making Intergard a very flexible tool.

Improved Data Protection

Apart from serving as an in-depth monitoring tool, InterGuard is also apt for use by IT managers for its security features. InterGuard can be used as though a firewall in many regards. Its ability to track data, web-traffic and IP information serves as tools for maintaining security and confidentiality.

It also is equipped with alerting systems so as to alert the employer for any breach in the policies that have been established at the workplace.

A Simple Auditing Tool

InterGuard is a simple and simplistic data auditing tool for the data that relates to employee activity on the company’s computers. Apart from simply monitoring the employee, it gives the buyer the ability to utilize tools to neatly archive and view it in different infographic formats after the further process.

Instant Alerts

As mentioned earlier, InterGuard comes with an alerting feature. This feature, however, is not just restricted to data protection. The user can make their own alert systems they can use to get notified on the triggers of their choice.

Conclusion and Pricing

To conclude, InterGuard is a robust and intuitive management platform. It can be used to control all operations with minimal effort. The interface lets the user see an overview of the employee’s workplace activity on their computers.

To add more to the benefits of InterGuard, it automatically generates comprehensive summaries of recorded data, providing the buyer with detailed productivity analysis for each employee.

The price of this platform appears hefty but this might just be false in reality. The free trial is available but it amounts to little as it expires after 7 days of use It none the less can serve as a great introduction for potential buyers on InterGuard. The license costs $85 per year with the chance of a reduction in the prices upon purchases of multiple licenses for multiple years. 

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