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Hubstaff: Overview, Pricing, and Features

Steven Hansen



Introduction to Hubstaff

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Hubstaff is a time tracker and monitoring software that runs on your desktop computer. It can also operate on a mobile app. The major functions of Hubstaff thereof are all related to tracking time. This feature is of major importance to the services industry which can use this software for managing their staff’s services to your clients, generating invoices and gathering other important data. Overall, Hubstaff is a workplace productivity tool.

Hubstaff is best suited to freelancers or small teams whose members work remotely from each other.  Aside from performing its core function of time tracking, Hubstaff lets you be informed of the worker activity details on their device including web tracking, timesheet transference, invoice generation. And GPS location among many other features.

Hubstaff also allows its users to track time to complete pre-set projects. Its website monitoring app lets the employer see employee web usage in minute details. You can see the time spent on every website and even get a quick preview of what the page looks like.


The data accumulated can serve as points for reinforcement of work tasks and increasing productivity.

Features and Their Overview

Hubstaff is a lot more than just a time tracking application it appears to be at first glance. It is a multi-functional platform full of features that work well for employers and employees alike. On top of that, it is designed keeping in focus businesses that employ personnel who work mostly in individual capacity without direct access to each other.

Hubstaff is compatible with many project and personnel management solutions. This feature allows for merging data across multiple platforms, providing its users with many options to analyze and decrypt the accumulated data. This can later be used in conjunction with other platforms to optimize work efficiency and increase productivity.

Hubstaff’s application monitoring software allows users to view and monitor the app usage of the employee. The staff’s computer usage is carefully logged in and provides information about the applications that have been used by the staff with correlated information on time and duration of the usage of the application.

This provides the users with a quick overview of which applications are being used, at what times and for how long, for how many times.

The following is a brief overview of Hubstaff Features

Time Tracking: This is as clear as it sounds. Time tracking lets the user monitor and records the time parameters in which they can set themselves of using the default settings to keep a timer on the staff’s work activity. It helps in recording and logging data on staff’s attendance, objective completion schedules, time shifts, and schedules, etc.

Screenshots: This feature lets the staff managers view and capture the visual screen of the staff along with relevant information on the time when the screenshot was taken, plus other relevant data on apps, etc. The screenshots can be pre-configured by the user, and thus be automated. They can also be taken by manual means, or as the manager sees fit.

Activity Levels: This feature is indicative of the data related to the employee’s work performance. The staff manager or the employer can see if the employee is getting on with his work.

Automatic Payroll: Paying the workforce is a hefty task in of itself. Hubstaff provides its users with the means of generating payslips in a timely and easy manner.

Mobile Apps: Hubstaff is available on mobile devices and runs easily on IOS and Android. This lets the Hubstaff users in effectively managing their staff on the go, remotely. This is ease which many other productivity enhancement solutions fail to offer.

Hourly Employee Tracking: Hubstaff features this provision for tracking the remote staff by the hours. Providing the management team with credible information which they can use to optimize their workforce.

Pricing and Closing Remarks

Hubstaff is very price convenient and is further classified as per the need of the users, having different packages of features and pricing.

hubstaff pricing screenshot

Hubstaff also has a free version that is very limited in features and scope, but it nonetheless serves as a good utility for novice individuals looking towards managing their freelance works.

The main paid packages which unveil the full potential of Hubstaff are as follows:

1. Basic – $5 per user, per month

  • Suitable for 1 to 50 Users
  • Allows Time tracking
  • Screenshots
  • Reports Keyboard and Mouse Activity
  • Can be used to generate payrolls
  • 24/7 Support System
  • Per-User Customizable Settings

2. Premium – $$9/user/month

  • Suitable for 1 to 50 Users
  • Inclusive of Basic Plan Features
  • App and web Tracking
  • Automatic Payroll generation
  • Weekly Budgeting
  • Integratable
  • Idle Time Control
  • Attendance Scheduling

All in all, Hubstaff is comprehensive and affordable productivity management and enhancement utility that can serve as a valuable asset from medium-sized businesses.

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