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How To Upload Audio on Facebook?

Luther Riggs



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Facebook is a place to share photos, videos and audios to your friends and family. People will be able to read the happiest moments that you have made when you go for family gatherings and friends as well. These moments are treasured and cherished with everyone.

However, if you want to share audio on Facebook, you will need to use alternative file-sharing services on Facebook. Here are the common ways of how users can share audio files on Facebook or any other social media:

1. Turning the Audio Files Into a Video Format Then Uploading on Social Media

So is there a way on how to upload audio to facebook. There is no option for Facebook to allow the user to upload audio files into their site. But STOP, don’t leave yet, for those who still want to upload their media on Facebook, there is a simple trick – you will just have to convert the audio file into a video file. As an example, there is free video software that is called Movavi Video Converter.. So, here is what you have to do next:

how to upload audio on facebook

1. After successful downloading, install Movavi on your PC.
Add some photos to the program and preview the transitions that pop-up in the window. You can set the slideshow of pictures and how long the development takes.

2. Next, add some titles and title effects to the media.
Once you are done, drop the claims on the slides selected. Rearrange the tiles on the media that you want to upload, along with the adjustment and font size.

Movavi video editor

3. Then, choose a song that you want and click Add Media File.
After making everything is appropriately done, export the media file and save it. After you export the video, upload it on social media.

2. Upload Audio File to External Websites and Share on Social Media

If you love creating sad background music like piano audio files. You can upload audio to facebook to podcast platforms like SoundCloud. These sites will store your music, and you will be given an external link to share the link on Facebook.

  1. Go to Soundcloud and get a brand new account. Once you created your account, you can upload the audio file on facebook into the site, or get some pre-existing audio files that are already on the website and add them to the report.
  2. If you want to upload your work from the computer, then select “Upload Audio File” and create a new audio file. There is a “Share” button that is clickable on the website.
  3. Upon clicking the button, there will be a list of social media sites that you can pick from to upload your audio file on Facebook. Fill in the details of the video and click the Share button on Facebook.

    To play the uploaded file and click on it to play it. This is how to upload mp3 to facebook.

3. Using File Hosting Services To Share Audio on Social Media

You can upload audio files on file-hosting sites like Google Drive or Dropbox, then generating sharing links and share them on social media timelines or post audio to facebook.

1. Log in to your Google account. Assess the google drive from the menu. Upload the audio file on the “File Upload” button and upload on Google Drive. Once the audio clip has been uploaded, the data will be shown in the menu.

2. Next, right-click on the audio file and select the “Share” button. After that, click on the shareable link and copy the link.

3. After that, login into your Facebook timeline and paste the link on your timeline. Lastly, share the link on facebook to your friends and family. If it is a new piece, make sure to tag all your friends and family to the link. You can also post it directly to their wall.

4. Upload Audio on a Relay Station

If you are a beginner and you do not know how to upload audio on websites such as SoundCloud, you can upload your audio on relay stations like the Chirbit website or other stations. Today we will be looking at Chirbit as an example. This is the easiest method that is great for beginners. This is how to start using Chirbit to share audio files on Facebook.

1. Register a new account on Chirbit. After reading the guidelines on how to use the Chirbit account, you can click upload on the Chirbit account. Select the desired audio file for upload. Upload the data onto the website. After that, write a short description of the audio file and submit the data.

2. After presenting the data, go to your profile, and click the share button. After that, there will be a list of options on where to share the music. Click Share on Facebook. You’re done! Tag people to view the music.


There are simple methods to upload audio files on Facebook. These are the few ways that you can upload your music and work on Facebook. Enjoy and have fun with your audio files!

Luther is a professional Software Engineer and passionate technology Blogger. His main area of research is Software and Business Development.

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