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How to Uninstall ReShade And Why You Should Do It

Luther Riggs



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Being called a noob, a scrub, or a Leeroy Jenkins in the online gaming world is acceptable. What isn’t acceptable is being called a cheat. For one thing, none of the other gamers will want to touch you with a ten-foot pole (or in this case, console). For another, it could literally mean ‘game over’ for you. The punishments for cheating can range from losing game lives or a reduction in overall points to an outright ban. In the last year itself, gaming companies have banned more than 12 million accounts for cheating.

So, if you’ve been playing your favorite game, following the straight and narrow path, and are stopped midway with an Easy Anti-Cheat splash screen warning you of a violation, don’t panic. You are not a cheater. You may just be using ReShade.

What is ReShade?

Simply put, ReShade is an image enhancing tool. Think of it as looking out your window first on an overcast day and then on a sunny day. On both occasions, the scene stays the same, just a whole lot brighter when it is sunny. That’s what ReShade does. It enhances the appearance of the game by brightening and sharpening the visuals.

The software also allows a user to tweak color shades and contrasts, giving the game a more personalized touch. Another way it improves the gaming experience is by reducing the focus blur and allowing your peripheral vision to pick up subtle movements that would otherwise go unnoticed. 

Why is it controversial?

ReShade’s controversial aspect comes from its custom shader feature. This feature allows players to visualize darker areas of the game better by brightening them. It can also allow a gamer to zoom in for further clarity. In a multi-player setting, this is an unfair advantage. For example, a player using ReShade can brighten a night-time battle scene giving him a clear edge over his opponent. In addition, ReShade is also open-source software, making it more susceptible to manipulation by hackers.

Should you uninstall ReShade?

It must be said that the majority of ReShade users use the software only to improve the visual appearance of the games they play. However, those who do use it for more nefarious purposes have brought the software into disrepute.

So, what can be done if you want to keep your game on? There is no way to block only the custom shader feature while still allowing ReShade’s other features to function. The software has now been banned by major gaming companies like PUBG and Squad. In fact, BattleEye, PUBG’s anti-cheating software has been programmed such that the game will not even be allowed to run unless ReShade is uninstalled. Therefore, the only solution is to completely uninstall it from your game’s software.

battleeye blocks reshade screenshot

As it doesn’t come in a folder of its own, it is notoriously difficult to uninstall. Additionally, you must make sure the files you are deleting do not belong to other legal plugins. But don’t fret! If you are looking to delete ReShade from one of your games, we’ve got you covered! Just follow our step-by-step guide. 

How to uninstall ReShade from PUBG

1)    Open the Steam Apps folder.

2)    Select the common folder where you will find the game’s directory.

3)    Be sure to delete all the ReShade files there, including the ReShade-shaders file and all *.ini and dxgi files.

4)    Once the files have been removed, you can restart the game and ReShade will no longer be an add-on in PUBG.

Pathway: Steam\SteamApps\common\PUBG\TslGame\Binaries\Win64

How to uninstall ReShade from Sims 4

1)    Access the “bin” folder of the game.

2)    To do this, go to program files and select the ‘Origin Games’ option.

3)    From there, select ‘The Sims4’.

4)    Once in, select the game folder and from there, the bin folder.

5)    Locate and delete the following folders:

  • ReShade Shaders,
  • d3d9.dll file,
  • dsd9.ini (both configuration and text files)

6)    Restart your game.

Pathway: Program Files (x86) > Origin Games > The Sims 4 > Game > Bin

How to uninstall ReShade from Final Fantasy XXIV

1)    Go to Program Files (x86).

2)    Select the ‘SquareEnix’ folder.

3)    There you will find the ‘FINAL FANTASY XIV- A Realm Reborn’ folder.

4)    Once inside, select the game folder.

5)    Delete dxgi.dll, dxgi, Reshade Shaders and ReShade text files.

6)    Exit the game and then restart.

Pathway: Program Files (x86) > SquareEnix > FINAL FANTASY XIV- A Realm Reborn > Game

How to uninstall ReShade from Escape From Tarkov

1)    From your C drive, access the folder ‘BattlestateGames’.

2)    Select the folder named ‘EFT’.

3)    Once here choose the game folder.

4)    Delete ReShade Shaders file along with any *.ini, dxgi.dll and dxgi.log files present in this folder.

5)    Restart game.

Pathway: Program Files > BattlestateGames > EFT > EscapeFromTarkov

How to uninstall ReShade from Fallout 4

1)    Go to SteamLibrary.

2)    From there, choose SteamApps.

3)    Once in, select the common folder.

4)    Select Fallout 4.

5)    Delete the entire ReShade folder along with ReShade.fx and the dxgi.dll files.

6)    Shutdown the game and then restart.

Pathway: Steam Library > Steam Apps > Common > Fallout 4

How to uninstall ReShade from Skyrim and Skyrim Special Edition

1)    Go to Program Files (x86).

2)    Select Steam and from there SteamApps.

3)    Choose the common folder.

4)    Once inside the common folder, select Skyrim or Skyrim Special Edition.

5)    Now select the Direct 3D 10+ folder.

6)    Delete the ReShade shaders folder, along with SweetShades.ini, dxgi.ini, and dxgi.dll files.

7)    Restart the system and then run the game.

Pathway: Program Files (x86) > Steam Library > Steam Apps > Common > Skyrim/Skyrim Special Edition > Direct 3D 10+


There’s no doubt that using ReShade as a plugin provides for a more visually engaging and realistic environment to game in. There is also no doubt that using it could land you in trouble with the game regulators. These two conflicting points are two sides of the same coin for now.  Let us hope that the ReShade creators work on their software and get rid of features that lends itself to cheating. Until that happens though, it is better to be safe than sorry.

Luther is a professional Software Engineer and passionate technology Blogger. His main area of research is Software and Business Development.

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