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How To Repair “Hard Disk Not Detected”?

Luther Riggs



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We need to upload files on the external hard drive, but it is not functioning! There is no way that during an emergency and the external hard disk cannot be found on your laptop. You plug in the hard drive and plug it out again, but the computer still does not detect the hard drive. So how to repair hard disk not detected? So how do you solve this issue when you need to transfer or save your files urgently?

While these things are not severe, it can pose a danger if you are in a hurry in transferring the files. If you risk losing all existing data on the hard disk, this is a big reason to panic. However, don’t panic. There are risks in losing all your data, but there are solutions to these problems when there is a hard disk not detected the issue.

Steps On How To Repair An Undetected Hard Disk:

There might be reasons why the PC does not detect a hard disk. The problem might lie in the hard disk, and it is a hardware problem or a drive problem. These are a few issues in determining what the problem is.


1. Plug the hard disk into a different USB port

If the hard drive works on another port on the computer, the current port might not be functioning. This is the easiest method as it brings no danger to the hard disk and you still retain the files on the hard drive. No harm is done!

2. Connect the hard disk to a different laptop

Other causes of a computer not recognizing a hard drive might be because it is not compatible with the operating systems that you are using. Some hard disks are not fit with some operating systems. Let’s say it is not working on an Apple Macbook, then try connecting it to a Windows computer to see if it is working, or vice versa. However, if it doesn’t work, there are other methods of how to repair hard disk not detected.

3. Uninstall the Driver of The Hard Disk and Reinstall It

1. Launch the Command keys of Windows and type Devmgmt.msc and hit enter.

2. Go to the driver name and choose the icon that is not recognized by the computer.

3. Right-click the icon and uninstall the driver. Once the hard disk pops up on the PC, reinstall the entire driver back to the computer.

4. Go to My Computer and reinstall the drive. After that, click it and start using it as usual.

5. You must locate a drive letter that is not in My Computer and browses the computer by finding the drive. After that, restart the computer and connect your hard disk again.

Next, we will be using Bitwar software to recover your data. After reinstalling the drive, you might be prompted to reformat your hard disk before you can use it again. However, you don’t have to reformat your hard disk and risk losing all your data. Once you connect your hard drive to your computer, and it is visible under My Computer, you can retrieve all your relevant data using the Bitwar software. If your hard disk doesn’t work and starts to malfunction again, you might have to reformat it. But for now, get all your files and upload all necessary documents on Google Drive in hopes that you do not lose all your data again.

How To Restore Lost Data After Fixing Hard Disk

You have fixed your hard disk, and no, you have not reformatted it. There is software that can recover your lost data, and one of the popular ones is Bitwar software. Download the software online and get an account for free, but it is a trial version.

After installing the software, take the following steps to recover your data.

  1. Select the drive icon on My Computer. The hard disk drive should be visible on the computer. Click on the image and then click next.
  2. Scan the hard disk for the first time. Select the quick scan option. This is the fastest way to recover your data inside the hard drive.
  3. Select which files you need. If you need all the data to be recovered on your hard disk, click on the “Select All Types” and scan the hard drive. If you do not need to recover any videos and audio, but you need to save some relevant documents, then click on the “.docx” to be scanned.
  4. If it is just a word file, the scanning will be fast, as word files are smaller compared to videos and music files. Make sure to preview the data retrieved to make sure that they are not corrupted.
  5. Deep scan mode. If you can’t find your file on Quick Scan, try Deep Scan. It will take longer to find the file you want, but if you need that file and it is super important, then it will be worth the wait.

These are the steps you can take to recover the hard disk that is not detected by the computer. Make sure that you do not panic and follow the steps one by one to improve your lost data. Also, go to a computer technician if you can’t retrieve the data from the hard disk. Give all the steps a try, and research for more info on how to recover your broken hard drive.

Luther is a professional Software Engineer and passionate technology Blogger. His main area of research is Software and Business Development.

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