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Cyber Security

How to Prioritize Cybersecurity for Your Employees

Peter Porr



Do you still remember the days when simple anti-virus and anti-malware programs were enough to take care of the entire computer network? It seemed so long ago, but that was, at most, just a couple of decades in the past. Technology has gone a long way since then, allowing businesses to adopt a more advanced approach in cybersecurity and privacy. 

Unfortunately, hackers and cybercriminals have stepped up their game, as well. As more advanced forms of security are developed, cyber threats have also become more sophisticated. In recent years, both local and international brands have become casualties of security breaches. Criminals can hit any group, organization or institution whether they’re government or privately owned. 

It is the responsibility of company owners and security advisers not just to implement a cybersecurity system, but also to educate employees about what they can do to help protect your business. Besides, statistics show that in the United States alone, around 60% of all full-time employees handle sensitive information that can be duplicated, compromised, or stolen. 

Cybersecurity Benefits

Upgrading the company’s cybersecurity leads to a ton of benefits that the entire team will certainly enjoy. The peace of mind that cybersecurity brings to the table will allow any or all of the following:

  1. Stronger Trust and Loyalty Among Customers
  2. Better Reputation as a Brand
  3. Increased Confidence from Present and Future Employees 
  4. No Additional Repair Costs Caused by the Breach

Before gaining the merits of these benefits, you should first start implementing better security strategies and involving its employees in the process. 

Increasing Cybersecurity Awareness

There are various ways on how to include employees in the company’s overall effort to keep things secure and hack-proof. Below are a few steps on how to increase cybersecurity awareness among employees:

  • Security is a Company Culture – It is essential to stress to them that cybersecurity measures should not just be a weekly scan or a regular system checkup. One of the secrets to a successful cybersecurity campaign is to create a company culture that focuses on security and privacy protection. 
  • Educate Employees – Once the cybersecurity measures are planned and laid out, it is the time for the ones in charge to take the time and effort to educate everyone else. No matter how robust a company’s cybersecurity infrastructure is, all it takes is for one human error for everything to fall apart. 
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A report stated that 50% of employees have never received any formal training in cybersecurity. This results in 96% of them still saving passwords on their personal devices. This kind of lenient behavior among employees may put the company’s security at risk.

This is why employees need to be educated to do things more securely. They can do this by improving ways in verifying personal identity, ensuring passwords are not made public and preventing the share of personal information. In addition, they should also become aware of the usual schemes in cyber theft, such as phishing and social engineering. 

  • Upgrade Security Technology – A few decades ago, a corporate copy of any of the popular anti-virus programs is enough to cover the security of the entire fleet. However, in order to protect your company’s computer network from advanced cyber attacks, you should also have a sophisticated defense system. Fortunately, getting the most advanced tools for cybersecurity has become simple and easy thanks to the Internet. 
  • Familiarize Everyone Regarding Best Practices – Now that the employees are well informed about the focus in cybersecurity, and the necessary security technology has been set up, it is now time to let the employees become familiar with the system. Conduct seminars and training regularly, just to make sure everyone is on the same page. 

When conducting training, security and IT advisers should remember to keep everything interactive and engaging. Security measures and steps should also be relevant to particular employee departments, which will allow them to share experiences and ideas. 

  • Evaluate Measures – No cybersecurity infrastructure would be complete without a way to assess its effectiveness. Were there any security breaches in the past week, month, or year? What are the ways to improve the system and further prevent security issues in the future? These are just two of the many questions that can help evaluate a cybersecurity infrastructure. 

Cybersecurity and People Go Hand in Hand

In this day and age, no company can say that they are entirely safe from cyberattacks. Just when you think you have checked everything, that’s when the breach takes place. This is one reason everyone should always keep security and privacy the topmost priorities in any company operation or transaction.

This is also why cybersecurity should not only be the focus of the IT department or the cybersecurity team. From executives to entry-level employees, everyone should be involved in keeping the company network systems secure.  Never think about cybersecurity costs as an expense but rather as an investment that will benefit the company in the long haul.

Peter Porr is the Marketing and Brand Manager for ImageWare Systems. He continually works on developing market awareness of, what is now recognized to be, one of the world’s leading Secured 2FA & Multi-Factor Biometric Authentication solutions in the world.

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