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How To Edit Word Documents On iPhone

Luther Riggs



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There are just so many ways we can take to edit our work on apple devices, namely, iPhone. However, when editing documents on apple devices sound complicated, actually, it isn’t.

Today we will be looking at how to edit word documents on iPhone.

We need to create and word document on iPhone, whether it is for work and studies. As college students, we need to write our assignments on our phones and make presentations fast to present in the seminar room, especially when we are short of time and we are rushing ten jobs in one day. We need to edit word on a school essay or school project. The method of selecting the work is different on the iPhone compared to android devices.

Instead of trying to find the right apps on the App Store and going mad doing so, we are here to help you. Here are the best few apps for editing documents on the iPhone and iPad.

1. Using Word on Apple Devices

Word is one of the renowned editing apps that almost everyone is using. Make sure to sign in to the Microsoft account to get all your documents in sync with all of your devices. No matter which method you use, either Android, iPhone or iPad, Microsoft can sync across all different devices.

Microsoft Word can be downloaded for free on Apple devices. However, you need to get an Office 365 subscription before you can download the Microsoft Word. Microsoft Word is pretty nifty to use, so make sure that you grab Microsoft Word on your iPhone!

Create new documents in a new page or a template. Word allows you to edit documents on iPhone and allow others to join in to select the word file with you. You can also share the document in the word app directly to another person.

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You will also be able to format the Word documents with font styles or bullets etc. Make your file documents look the very best before submitting to the lecturer to assess the assignment.

2. Google Docs For Editing on Apple Devices

Another great editor for documents for apple devices is an app called Google Docs. You can also view your documents either online or offline.

edit word documents on iphone_scr2

On iPhone, you can create a brand new word right from the beginning or get a Word template to edit your work. It can edit word documents iOS. You can also delete any documents that you need or export them into a Word template. If you cant, write your text, copy and paste the text into Google docs, then edit it after you select it, export to Word doc.

edit word documents on iphone_scr3

There are many formatting options with Google Docs, like font styles and links. Format like a pro and export the file after done.

edit word documents on iphone_scr4

Google Docs can be downloaded for free on iPad and iPhone. There are no ads for this free feature, making this app the best editing tool for word!

3. Office Docs For Apple Devices

There is a document editor that is usable on Apple Watch, get Office Docs. Some might not think that this feature is not that great, but if you need to review the document on a train, or in a taxi, or a bus, this is the app for you!

edit word documents on iphone_scr6

There are also various formatting styles for documents like bold or colors. Office Docs also allow you to keep records on iCloud or Google Drive. Pretty handy if you need to store offline papers and make sure that they are in a safe place.

edit word documents on iphone_scr7

This app is free for download for all Apple Devices. If you want the premium version, you need to buy it on Apple Store. However, if you don’t want to pay extra, you have to settle with the free version. Try to read reading documents when crossing the road or in a very populated area as someone might steal your phone in the pocket or take your bag.

Overall, a great editor for Apple fans.

4. Pages For Apple Devices

Pages is an inbuilt word app for Apple devices. This app also connects to your Mac computer, so you get a move on the minute you start using Pages.

edit word documents on iphone_scr5

When using your Apple device, you can get started with a blank document. There are many formatting formats in Pages that allow you to use Pages in a proper form.

edit word documents on iphone_scr8

You can also add people or other students to edit the work with iCloud Drive, and you will be able to scroll through the documents using Pages.

Pages are downloadable on the App Store for free, and there is no hidden purchases or additional fees. Unlike Office Docs, this app is free, and there are no ads at all.


This is the best editing apps for Apple devices. Some are free; some are a paid version. However, the free ones like Google Docs and Pages are already one of the best. Therefore, try these out before buying the paid versions.

Luther is a professional Software Engineer and passionate technology Blogger. His main area of research is Software and Business Development.

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