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How to Disable Nvidia Shadowplay

Luther Riggs



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When gaming online or alone via the single-player, sometimes you experience a moment or make a move that you wish you could share with all of your friends. Playing a game on your computer can make this process easier: saving a screenshot of cool kills or amazing goals, taking videos of unbeatable and unforgettable moments. A lot of this has been made simple by using the program GeForce by Nvidia.

Nvidia has an application called Shadowplay which allows gamers to save their favorite gaming moments that just happened. You can save videos or pictures and share them with all of your friends online via the Nvidia GeForce application. But sometimes that social footprint can feel a bit restrictive. A paranoia of losing your privacy can be common, especially in today’s world where privacy is becoming less and less. 

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This is where disabling Nvidia Shadowplay comes in handy. For those who don’t want to share their final second goals, or across the map kills, disabling Shadowplay will be just another step towards protecting one’s privacy. So how do you go about disabling Shadowplay? Well, the process is rather simple, and we will discuss this soon. But first, we should understand what exactly Nvidia Shadowplay is and what it offers users.


What is Nvidia Shadowplay?

Nvidia Shadowplay is much like any moment capture system but it works specifically on your computer when using the GeForce application. Console play has built-in moment capture programs that allow you to save and share your favorite games and gaming moments, but computers have to rely on screenshots and screen recordings which can be illegal if done with the improper tools. With Nvidia, you can play any game you want and record your top moments to share them with your friends.

As PC gaming is becoming a front runner in the gaming community, the need for advancements in online gaming is becoming more and more prevalent. Companies like Nvidia have attempted to answer the pleases of PC gamers. They provide a game library that allows you to purchase games online and download them straight to your computer. Plenty of other platforms are available that allow you to do this, but one thing that Nvidia’s GeForce has on their competitors is the Shadowplay. 

disable nvidia shadowplay

The ability to capture moments and save gameplay is something that few game library platforms offer. Sharing videos and screenshots are becoming ever more desired as games develop and online gaming becomes so popular. Games like Fortnite and PUBG have revolutionized the online gaming community into modern-day popular culture and provided a need for file sharing and video recording of gameplay. Some people, however, do not feel the need to share their gameplay or even use gaming as a social bridge. It is for people like them that the desire to disable Shadowplay is being answered. 

Disabling Within the Application

Getting the Shadowplay disabled is rather easy and won’t take too long to do. It will require the GeForce app to be opened, make sure you have that downloaded before starting:

1. Once you have the app downloaded and open, look down in the bottom right corner where there should be a gear icon. This is the settings button, click this, and you will be taken to a different page. Once on this new page, you should see four tabs that will display a different panel for each. 

2. The four tabs should be General, Account, Games, and Shield. Make sure you are in the General tab and the appropriate page is being displayed. Once here, scroll down to the share section and see if the slider is highlighted or not. If it’s green, this means that your Shadowplay is active and your sharing options are being displayed.

3. Click the slider to disable your Nvidia Shadowplay and stop sharing your gaming moments. Once you have followed the above-listed steps, you should be good to go! You Nvidia Shadowplay will now be disabled and sharing options will no longer be present.

If at a later date, you decide you want to share your Fortnite kills or your FIFA goals, you can always come back to this tab and bring the Shadowplay back on. Disabling Shadowplay will keep your gaming moments private and prevent you from sharing any information online or with your friends.

Nvidia has recently changed the way Shadowplay functions to be more of a voluntary selection. Great moments will continue to be recommended for saving, but less often and no longer will they be automatically saved. This will help protect you more from any privacy issues you might face, but disabling Shadowplay is still a viable option if you do not want to be sharing your glorious gaming moments with your friends.

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