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How to Disable Avast?

Luther Riggs



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Your parents want the best for you (most parents do). But, they can get quite overprotective at times. In such cases, the child has no other way but to break a few rules. The child may be your computer and the parent may be Avast protecting it at all costs. When it is blocking important tasks you need to know how to disable Avast.

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You may be doing something as useful as updating your firewall and Avast may be blocking it. The usual and natural reaction to it would be your will to turn off Avast. You have to know how to disable Avast on Windows 10 and also a separate how to disable Avast on Mac. Luckily, it is not as difficult as it sounds.


How to disable Avast: Why Disable Avast?

As the computer’s protector Avast will block several important activities especially tasks like downloading something from a third-party provider. In such cases, to carry out the task despite the risk, you need to disable Avast.

How to Disable Avast on Windows 10

The process of disabling Avast on Windows is similar to its process on Windows 10. Let us first get to know how to temporarily disable Avast.

1. Right, Click.
You will find the Avast icon on the Windows taskbar and what you have to do is right-click on it. When you do you will get a few options. One of them will be Avast Shields Control.

2. Choose what you need.
When you click Avast Shields Control you will get a few more options which mainly ask you how long do you want the software to be inactive. You get to choose among ten minutes, one hour, restart or permanent.

3. Check if it’s done.
You may not believe that Avast has been disabled so easily. So, open the application and you will find a red signal saying “All Shields are off” with a green “Resolve” button underneath which will turn shields on if you click it.

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How to temporarily Disable Avast Antivirus: Just the Required Shields

You may not want all shields off because simple: it’s risky. So, how do you keep some shields on and some of? Here’s how.

  1. Open the Avast Antivirus: You do not get a lot of options when you right-click. So, you have to open the software.
  2. Select Protection: This is an obvious choice and this gives you the other choices.
  3. Turn off the required shields: You will find slide buttons to turn shield off under each of the four shields: File, behavior, web, and mail. Turn off the ones you need to.

How to Disable Avast: Another way

If you are not up for the whole protection process, you can directly go to settings and choose ‘Components’. It will provide you with the same four shields to turn off. Once you are done, you can enable them the same way.

How to disable Avast on Mac

Mac apparently, directly gives you the option to select the shields separately. What you have to do is:

  1. Search the Avast Antivirus app and open it.
  2. Click ‘Preferences’.
  3. Check the shield options and disable each separately.

So, this is the answer to the common question ‘how to disable Avast’. Now, you know how to do it on all devices it is made for. You can peacefully download that movie (wink) from that third party source without bothering Avast or letting it know.

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