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How to Disable Avast SafePrice

Luther Riggs



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Some extensions can be useful and oftentimes we go out of our way to download and use them. Blocking ads, changing your brightness based on time of day, finding great coupons. Browser extensions are helpful and oftentimes sought out by users. Sometimes, a browser extension can be unwelcomed and you’re not quite sure how to get rid of it. Some programs preexisting on your computer can add a browser extension during an update.

This means that a previous version of your Avast might not have had the SafePrice browser extension, but after a recent update, it now does. Maybe you just recently decided to download Avast and the browser extension came with it. What do you do with it now that it’s here? Are you stuck with SafePrice? What does SafePrice even offer your computer? How do you delete the SafePrice browser extension?

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In this article, we will discuss each of the above-presented questions so you can better understand the who, what, and why of Avast SafePrice, and how to disable the program is you so choose. Disabling Avast SafePrice is easy and can be done by almost anyone. It will differ based on which browser you’re using. Firefox will have a different process than Google Chrome.

What is Avast SafePrice?

Let’s start off by discussing what exactly SafePrice is. We know it’s a browser extension that appears in your upper bar of the browser, but what does it offer you? SafePrice works with trusted and well-known brands to offer users deals that will bring the overall price of online shopping down. Often times you can go online and search for coupons that will lower the retail price, but some of those websites can offer bugs and viruses that can hurt your computer.

avast safeprice interface

In order to avoid these bugs, but still receive the best deals when shopping, Avast has developed a browser extension that searches for deals and coupons, so you don’t have to. They work with trusted brands and online companies to find you the best price. With Avast SafePrice’s browser extension, this is all right there for you as you shop online. 

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As they are an antivirus program, they will safeguard your information. This means that they do not keep your history on file or keep any credit card info stored. All of your information will be deleted so that it cannot be taken by viruses. SafePrice is a safe way to shop online for deals, but sometimes, having a browser extension can be annoying. Here is how to delete the SafePrice browser extension from Chrome.

1. Google Chrome

Again, each browser has a different layout and set of steps in order to disable or remove an extension. First, we will address how to disable Avast SafePrice on Google Chrome.

  1. Start off by opening Chrome finding the three vertical dots in the top right corner below the “x” button.

    Click on this and you will open a menu with different options. Find the option that says more tools and clicks on it. This will bring up a sub-menu of a list of different options for you to look at. Here, you will find the Extensions option, click on it, and a new page will open.
    Screenshot_1 avast safeprice

  2. Here, you can see all of the extensions you currently have downloaded that are active.

    You have the option to view details, remove, or disable. If you wish to completely delete the SafePrice application, click remove and follow the instructions as prompted. This will completely remove the application from Chrome and your computer. Screenshot_2 avast safeprice

If you wish to keep the browser extension on your computer, but disable it until later, you can click the slider option, so it turns gray. This will keep SafePrice on your computer but will disable any popups that might occur during its use. If you choose to remove SafePrice from your computer, you will have to reinstall it later if you change your mind. 

Screenshot_3 avast safeprice disable

2. Mozilla Firefox

Firefox has a similar process to remove extensions and one that is just as easy as with Chrome.

1. Start off by opening up Mozilla Firefox and finding the three vertical lines in the upper right corner below the “x” button. Click on this button and a menu should appear with different options for navigation. Find the Add-ons choice and click it. This should take you to a different tab with 5 buttons listed on the left of your screen. 

2. Here, you will click the Extensions button which should be the second choice of this menu. Once you have the extensions menu opened, you will see the choices to remove, enable, or disable any extensions you have. If you wish to completely get rid of the Avast SafePrice extension, click remove and it will be deleted from your computer. If you wish to keep the application on your computer, but keep it inactive, click the disable button.

screenshoot2 avast disable safeprice

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The reverse can also be done if you ever change your mind. To enable the SafePrice extension, follow the above-listed steps and click enable. If you have removed the application but decide later that you want it, you will have to re-download the Avast SafePrice extension. Make sure you’re sure you want to delete it before completely removing the application.

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