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How To Change Spotify Username?

Luther Riggs



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There can be a few permanent regrets in your life and the most common of them is tattoos. Now, imagine that the tattoos are of your ex’s name. You might be on good terms but that in no way is a good thing on your body. A similar regret may be the name you start your Spotify account with. Spotify is old so while you grew, you may have grown out of the name that you initially used. So, many Spotify users are now looking the answer to one question “How to change Spotify username”?.

Unfortunately, there is no way to change your Spotify username once you have opened an account. However, you have a few options you can use to save your reputation. Let’s see first how Spotify works and then figure out how to change your name on Spotify.

How to change Spotify Username: Why is it not possible?

Apparently, when you open a Spotify account, it maps all your contents to that particular name. You have two options when you open an account- you wither use your email or your Facebook ID to open it. When you use your email address, Spotify itself assigns you a name with numbers and letters, which as you can see you may not like in the long run. If you use your Facebook account then your Facebook name is what it displays which is much better.


How to change Spotify Username: A few ways

If you already have an account that is connected to your email address, you can change the name by connecting the account to Facebook. So, how do you do that?

On any android or iOS phone follow the following steps.

  1. Open the Application.

In order to do anything about the application, you have to open the application first. You may choose it from the list of applications or the home screen of your phone.

2. Go to Settings.

You are going for a major change and most major changes occur in settings. So, go to settings and click Social after that.

3. Connect with Facebook.

When you have selected social, you will get the option to connect with Facebook. Then you have to provide the required log in information. Now, if you are not happy with your Facebook name, you can easily change your Facebook name from your Facebook account. So, that will change your Spotify name as well. However, it requires around 24 hours to b effective.

On Computers.

Apparently, the process is not different on the computer either. You just have to open the application and click Facebook under the option Social and do the same.  

How to change Spotify username: A New Account

Another way to change the username in Spotify is to open a whole new account. Now, here are some useful steps you can follow.

1. Make the previous account free.
You will have to still pay your subscription fees if you had a premium account. Therefore, first of all, unsubscribe from premium.

2. Open a new account.
The opening process is quite self-explanatory. Just make sure you use Facebook to open the account as it will display the name you want it to display

3. Transfer Content.
After opening a new account, send an email or just contact the Spotify authority to transfer the content of your previous account to the new one. While all may not be transferred, most maybe within seven days. So, you are basically the same with a new username.

In conclusion, as you grow older you realize the importance of names and the influence it has on first impressions. Your crush may just reject you follow request seeing your username and you do not want that. This is why it is alright to go through the complex process of changing your username after you find out how to change Spotify username.

Luther is a professional Software Engineer and passionate technology Blogger. His main area of research is Software and Business Development.

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