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Digital Storm Lynx Gaming PC Overview

Mark Hackett



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Gamers Rejoice! The wait is over. You have often ventured into the dark labyrinths of countless choices, while gaming and for the sake of gaming. Should you buy a console? Or a PC? Which console would suit you? Is it an Xbox that strikes an impression on you? Or a PlayStation? 

If it’s a PC then which one? The one with an Intel Processor or the one powered by an AMD? What Graphics Card will complement the choices best? How many RAM slots would you require? How much power should you throw in? 450W works just fine, but what if the Graphics Card requires 600W on full load? 

To put it simply, if you do not intend to get lost, nor do you wish to have to go through the intricacies of building a PC all by yourself, if Desktop Gaming is your thing; We have a solution!


We call it: Digital Storm Lynx 

Digital Storm is an electronics company dedicated to making high-end gaming computers. It has partnerships with Intel, AMD, ASUS, Microsoft, Corsair, EVGA, and PNY. In its acclaim, Digital Storm has been awarded numerous awards including PC’s “Kick-Ass” Award & PC Gamer Magazine’s “Editor’s Choice” Award. 

Digital Storm Lynx is one of the best pre-built Mid-Tower Gaming Desktop in the market. Lynx package includes multiple variants for the buyer to choose from. Digital Storm offers buyers the option to customize the individual components and thus manage the price and parts according to their needs and specifications. 

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The Lynx is a name on itself. A pride of its own exclusiveness. The chassis and some internal components are exclusive brand entities by Digital Storm, that however have aftermarket equivalents.

Digital Storm Lynx is immaculately assembled and comes with a whole system warranty, which essentially means that the buyer will not have to worry about the individual components’ warranty. On top of that the buyer gets to avail single-destination tech support in case he or she finds themselves facing problems, which fortunately won’t be an occurrence, to begin with. Digital Storm Lynx is also covered by a three-year labor, one-year parts warranty.

Digital Storm Lynx has the default dimensions of an ATX mid-tower case, sitting at 18×7.9×18.4 inches. The body comprises of sturdy metal, the front panel cover is made of plastic, and the left-side panel is tempered tinted glass complemented with the metallic right-side panel. The internet is water-cooled.

The Apparent

The look is elegant and classy, as well as futuristic and utilitarian. The array of RGB fans and LED lights to highlight the Lynx’s persona. A remote is provided along, allowing the buyer to control the colors and patterns as they wish. The top panel of the chassis is a magnetically attached dust filter which makes maintenance easy. The front port section includes a headphone and a microphone jack, and a pair of USB Type-A 3.0 ports. The power button is also present here.

On the underside are the rubber groundings that help the chassis remain to affirm. There’s another removable dust filter adjacent to the power supply’s air intake on the bottom of the case.

Variants of Digital Storm Lynx

The base pre-configured Lynx model starts at $699, comprising of the following components: 

• AMD Ryzen 5 3400G with Radeon RX Vega 11

• 8GB DDR4 Memory

• 2TB 7200RPM Storage

• Windows 10

Other pre-configured models typically range from $999, $1,299 and $1,579 respectively. With each model having a slight edge in terms of Hardware and Performance. For an idea, the model that costs $1,299 comes equipped with the following:

• Intel Core i7 9700F


• 16GB DDR4 Memory

• 240GB Solid State Drive

• 2TB 7200RPM Storage

• Windows 10

In contrast to the model that costs $1,579 which has an NVIDIA RTX 2070 8GB instead of NVIDIA RTX 2060 6GB, and it has a 500GB M.2 SSD (Solid State Drive) rather than $1,299’s 240GB SSD. The rest of the configuration remains the same.

Similarly, the customizable variants of Lynx models range in price from about $1,500 all the way up to $2,416 (maybe some dollars more), featuring multiple choices in between the extremes, allowing the buyer to opt a combination of their personal choice, without having an effect on the overall utility of the gaming machine and users’ gaming experience no matter how they decide to make their own Lynx.

Performance & Reliability

All Digital Storm Lynx models are sufficiently powered to handle most of the most demanding games of the age, with the higher end variants being able to manage virtually any PC gaming title the industry can throw at the Lynx gaming machines, even for the time to come.

The Intel i7-9700F with 8 cores performs remarkably well and is the staple Lynx model. The increase in price from the lesser model to the superior models makes up for the demands and the needs of the user providing price-value transparency.

The future proof upgradeability is Lynx’s most important asset which every PC gamer relishes on. Lynx comes fully equipped to be able to handle future upgrades keeping the system up to date for many years. Digital Storm tests and performs benchmark on their every system to ensure maximum performance, even at maximum stress. 

It is VR ready, optimal for 1440p gaming with higher-end systems performing excellently at 4K resolution


Digital Storm Lynx is a premium choice for all those games who need to spare themselves the hassle and the stress of building a customized PC on their own. The Value offered by Lynx is unparalleled. 

It is without a doubt a go-to option for any PC gaming enthusiast out there looking to get their hands on a mighty gaming machine without being too hard on their hard-earned money. If that is what someone requires, Digital Storm Lynx is the way forward.

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