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ContentProtect by ContentWatch: Overview, Pricing, and Features

Steven Hansen



An Introduction:

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ContentProtect is highly compatible with multiple platforms across the board including being able to run on Windows, Mac on computers and on IOS and Android on smartphones.


ContentProtect helps its buyers in increasing productivity by blocking inappropriate or otherwise useless time-consuming web content. With these powerful cloud-based administration tools ContentWatch provides, the user can make changes and see reports on the web usage of their staff anywhere and anytime.

Overview of the Features

ContentWatch comes with amazing features aimed at improving productivity.


The Key Features include:

1.  Content filtering: This involves basic content filtering including website and IP addresses too much more complex filtering modes and techniques that are customizable.

2.  The ability to monitor Internet usage, and apply work policies on devices on the network, and also those of the network.

3.  Web-based administration and reporting: All the tasks associated with monitoring and increasing work efficiency can be operated via the internet and the reports associated thereof and also be generated and viewed online by the administrators.

4.  ContentWatch comes equipped with tools specially designed for increasing productivity with custom rules and time controls

5.  The ability of the users and the employee both to receive Email alerts for policy violations or to request a change in web filter settings.

6.  It is highly customizable to cater to different needs of different workforces.

7Real-time monitoring and Dynamic Content Filtering tools come integrated with easy access to all the associated options of this feature.

To enhance the productivity of the workfare, ContentProtect employs the following features;

1.  Time Controls: This function comes in handy when the intention is to increase your employee’s productivity by creating custom schedules to control their web activity.

2.  Peer-to-Peer Management: This feature prevents the staff from performing any illegal or detrimental actions on the internet and pose harm to the company’s work computers and network. ContentProtect is able completely to block Peer-to-peer data transfers for example torrents.

3.  Comprehensive User Activity Control: ContentProtect gives the admins the right to block every kind of access to illegal or monetary risky web usage, for example, casino or gambling websites.

4.  Instant Messages Management: IM reporting is enabled on ContentProtect and both the staff and their admins can communicate with the instant messaging interface.

To further elaborate on the aforementioned points, it suffices to mention ContentProtect is a perfect solution for anyone looking for managing the Internet use of their employees regardless of where they are and what times. It includes a powerful algorithmic engine that can be used to analyze employee web traffic and control it accordingly in real-time to improve employee’s work proficiency.

Do not forget the immense management tools aimed at work optimization. ContentProtect provides its buyers with the opportunity to manage the settings for all those associated with this app. The online web-based administration console allows the staff admins to view reports, manage them, and make appropriate to Internet policies, and accordingly permit or terminate Internet access from anywhere and at all times.

The Internet Usage Policies devise and sought to be applied by ContentProtect is applicable to devices that are on the network, as well as those that are off-network.

It is pretty difficult to protect the devices in remote offices and offsite. ContentProtect Professional overcomes this challenge by running locally on the machine it protects. This ensures the protection of devices regardless of their location and the method used for connecting to the internet.

In addition to this, ContentProtect is packed with excellent security features that address prevention modules and a password protected uninstall option. This means that the staff while knowing of the existence of these platforms cannot simply remove or disable this software on their device unless granted permission to do so by the employer.

Pricing and Conclusion

As is the case with most other software and platforms of this type, ContentProtect by ContentWatch is offered free of price as a trial. This trial version can be requested on the website. This will surely provide potential buyers with the opportunity to get to know this software before formally buying it. The mobile version is not available for a free trial.

The PC version of ContentProtect is priced at $39.99 per user for a minimum of 5 users. The price of the mobile version is concealed but can be requested as the buyer can ask for a quotation from the company’s website

To Conclude, ContentProtect is a comprehensive and holistic web filtration tool with amazing features and high customizability.  It can be integrated with the Windows login. This allows for single sign-on and eliminates the need to manage separate login credentials for different computers and devices.

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