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13 Best Employee Monitoring Software In 2020

Mark Hackett



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Gone are the days when signing into a fat register was all you needed to keep track of employees. Today’s workforce, which numbers more than 2 billion globally, requires a more sophisticated approach to monitoring than before. Employee monitoring can be a touchy topic with concerns about privacy on the rise. Regardless, it is important. We talk about why and look at the best employee monitoring software available now.

Why employee monitoring is important:

Today, close to 75% of large corporations monitor their employees. There are several reasons why so many businesses deem it necessary to do so:

Better employee efficiency and productivity

Statistics say that more than 35% of employees regularly waste time surfing the internet on topics unrelated to work. Time is money and time wasted affects the company’s bottom line negatively. It leads to a decrease in efficiency and overall productivity for the company. Employee monitoring software can track when and how long employees waste time. Thereafter, it is just a matter of either blocking access to such activities or guiding employees onto more purposeful ones.


Enhance customer satisfaction

There is a direct correlation between company productivity and customer satisfaction. When employees are most productive, it results in higher levels of satisfaction for the consumer. Monitoring software can identify areas where customer complaints are the most frequent. They can also discover areas that employees struggle with. Diagnosing these problem areas can be the difference between a disgruntled customer and a satisfied one.

Detect security breaches

The biggest advantage of having an employee monitoring system is that it can protect a company’s data. More than 50% of data breaches come from within an organization. This can be due to simple errors or outright misuse by the employee. It can also detect when an employee’s account has been hacked by an outsider. Whatever the cause, nipping a data breach in the bud can protect a company’s sensitive information and intellectual property from misuse.

Selecting the right employee monitoring software comes down to the specific needs of your business. The best employee tracking software has tools that range from simple keystroke logging to more sophisticated ones like data loss prevention.

How does employee monitoring software help you?

  • It helps you record the daily activities of every employee. Many employees tend to procrastinate and waste time in pursuing unofficial activities. This can be avoided with such software.
  • With the help of computer monitoring software, you can track the websites you’re employee visits, their browsing history, time spent on each site and much more.
  • You can monitor the time your employees spend away from their computer which leads to reduced productivity.
  • You can also set goals for your employees which would boost them psychologically giving them a sense of accomplishment whenever they reach the goals you set for them.
  • Activities can be divided into productive and unproductive and you can monitor the time spent on both.
  • Besides this, you have a lot more benefits which depend on the individual software you choose for your business.

Choosing the right software is a matter of zeroing in on the tools that are both uniquely beneficial to your business and also fit your budget. It is also wise to check the privacy laws of your region. With a plethora of options available today, we have compiled a list of the top 10 software that will move your business forward.

Employee Monitoring Software Comparison Table

Software Overall Rating(on 10) GPS Tracking Apps Remote Workforce Management Free Trial Link
Teramind 9 No No Yes Yes Click Here
ActivTrak 8.7 No Yes Yes Yes Click Here
Vericlock 8.5 Yes Yes Yes Yes Click Here
Hubstaff 8.5 Yes Yes Yes Yes Click Here
Time Doctor 8.3 Yes Yes Yes Yes Click Here
Veriato 8.2 Yes No Yes Yes Click Here
Interguard 8.2 No Yes Yes Yes Click Here
Workpuls 8 No No Yes Yes Click Here
KickIdler 7.8 No No Yes Yes Click Here
Network Lookout 7.5 No No Yes Yes Click Here
One Identity 7.4 No Yes Yes Yes Click Here
StaffCop7.3NoYesYesYesClick Here
ContentProtect 7NoYesYesYesClick Here

1. Teramind: Computer Monitoring Software

Teramind provides a comprehensive overview of an employee’s online activities. This makes it one of the best software to monitor employees.

It has three types of monitoring dashboards for ease of use. The ‘Focus Dashboard’ tracks activities such as emails sent and received, USB file transfers, printed files, and downloaded videos. It also tracks messages sent across platforms such as WhatsApp, and Skype.

This monitoring software also can record videos and headset conversations. The admin can then listen either live or later as playback. This is particularly useful for corporations that have an audio-centric business, like a call center.

Teramind’s ‘Productivity Dashboard’ records the times of idleness and activity of an employee. It also highlights the websites that were most productive for them.

The ‘Risk Dashboard’ shows any policy violations committed by and assigns a ‘risk score’ to each employee. It ably performs the dual functions of tracking employees as well as securing company assets.


With Teramind, you can also decide if you want your employees to know whether you are monitoring them or not. Its newer versions also protect against data loss.

What are the best features of Teramind?

  • The activity monitoring suite includes the ability to monitor webpages, applications, instant messaging, emails file transfers and more.
  • Set behavioral rules and flag or blog prohibited behavior
  • In-depth reporting on your employees’ work habits
  • Set your own smart rules with automated alerts
  • Records keystrokes
  • Hidden’ and ‘revealed’ mode and the captured data has multiple destinations


  • Not only employee monitoring but also information security
  • Can set automated alerts and customized rules
  • Intuitive admin interface and easy to use
  • Multiple reports and keystrokes monitoring
  • Offers hosted and cloud deployment
  • Establishes transparency


  • Teramind’s only disadvantage is its price. Starting at $150 for cloud-based services and $750 for self-hosted services, it is one of the costlier options on the market. Its price point places it beyond the scope of businesses with a smaller budget.
  • Too many in-depth features to learn easily
  • No mobile platform available

Teramind Pricing

Like most other software you initially get a 14-day free trial.

The Cloud costs begin at $12 or £12 (per user) for Teramind Starter. This is for up to 5 users focusing on live monitoring, screen recording, and web tracking.

The Teramind UAM is available at $25 or £25 (per user) extending the features of Starter to user activity monitoring, forensics, an extension of rules, etc.

Finally, you have to pay $30 or £30 for Teramind DLP per user per month. With annual billing, you get 2 months free.

Our Verdict
This is one of the best employees computer monitoring software we have out there. With an intuitive user-interface, advanced features and automation features, you will never fail to be impressed.

2. ActivTrak: Free Employee Monitoring Software

One of the easiest services to set up and use, ActivTrakis an employee monitoring software focused on the behavioral analytics of an employee. It is less overarching compared to some of the other software and allows you to block out more sensitive information like an employee’s SSN.

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is activtrak.png

ActivTrak is free for 3 employees, after which you can choose from their basic or premium package. The primary focus of this software is to measure productivity and ascertain that employees remain efficient. ActivTrak’s productivity monitor allows you to designate websites as productive or unproductive. The software uses your designations to measure employee productivity. With one glance, you can clearly see who on your team is staying on task. What’s more, it also allows you to altogether block access to websites you deem are unproductive.

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is activtrak-productivity-monitoring.png

As an additional security feature, it can sync with your Google account for a two-step identification process. The software’s activity monitor gives an all-inclusive look at an employee’s activities across all apps and websites. You can also capture screenshots of any suspect activity for review later, even for employees who log in remotely.

ActivTrak also keeps a log of an admin’s system activity, thereby creating some accountability across the hierarchy.

What are the best features of ActivTrak?


  • Track employee’s productivity showing aggregate productive and unproductive time
  • Time tracking is put right up there on top, filtering by users and groups
  • See the apps and websites your employees are using.
  • Alarm triggers for USB file transfers, IP address connections, and any suspicious behavior.
  • They do not log keystrokes and put emphasis on screenshots and mouse-keyboard movement tracking idle sessions. Hence it is not classified as spyware.


  • Easy to code apps and websites as productive or non-productive
  • Exclude those who you do not wish to monitor
  • Ease of use with and 2FA security options
  • Screenshots


  • ActivTrak does not have the capability of conducting in-depth activity analysis like Teramind. There is also no provision for video recordings or playbacks.
  • Blocked sites can’t be released in non-working hours
  • No Keyword search in screenshots
  • Keystrokes not logged

ActivTrak Pricing

ActivTrak can be considered a free employee monitoring software since it has a basic version that is free to install with minimal functionality. It does not contain features like screenshot functionality or file transfer tracking.

These features are in the Paid Plan at $7.20 per user per month in the annual contract. It also is one of the most affordable employee tracking software out there. You also get deals for 20, 50 and 100+ users bringing down the cost significantly.

Our Verdict
This is affordable, does not treat employees in a hostile way and it ideal to improve your employees’ productivity. Avoids the worst aspects of spyware and is more likely to be accepted by employees.

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is image-5.png

3. VeriClock: Employee Time Tracking Software

It is one of the most reasonably priced employee monitoring software on the market now. VeriClock’s unique selling point is that it is highly customizable.

The dashboard offers an infinite number of custom options and settings to best suit your needs. You can optimize everything from allocating time cards to managing alerts to adding custom fields. It has the flexibility to allow employees to clock in through their desktop or mobile. For an extra fee of $3, they can even clock in using voice or text messaging.

vericlock dashboard

A great tool in their arsenal is their ‘Alerts’ function. It alerts the manager when an employee clocks in and out or if someone fails to show up for the day. The admin also receives an alert whenever an employee begins overtime. You can even ask to be notified when you are close to crossing your budget for a project.

VeriClock also allows employees to send in photos of completed projects. This feature is useful to businesses in the hospitality industry where an employee can take before and after pictures of a serviced room.

Its geofencing option allows you to create alerts if an employee steps out of their designated location zone, particularly useful in the construction business. They have an open application programming interface (API), which allows for integration with other apps. VeriClock offers a 30-day free trial.

What are the features of Vericlock?

  • Employees can clock into work, using any device and clock out when work ends. Can be used with in-house and mobile employees
  • Automate all manual repetitive processes
  • It offers geo-fencing. You can use a scale to set distance for the geofence and managers get an alert when the employee goes far away.
  • Add rules for alerts based on your business
  • Create monthly allotments for pay or hours for each job.
  • Best time and location tracking features


  • Very affordably priced
  • Ease of use for admins and employees
  • Plenty of customization and setting options
  • Geo-fencing
  • Phone, web and SMS versions available


  • Aside from a slightly clunky user interface, VeriClock’s big disadvantage is that it offers only 1 GB of memory space. You will need to purchase any additional memory needed.
  • The user interface is average with too many tabs
  • 1 GB of storage capacity is low

Vericlock Pricing:

The pricing is simple at $5 per user per month. You also pay a $10 monthly account fee. There no change in rates irrespective of the number of employees you use it for. In the case of single users, rest assured, you have a free introductory, desktop-only plan without access to reporting.

Our Verdict
The tool is not too complicated and has a robust set of features to ensure your staff clocks exactly at the desired locations and a fixed time. With job codes, voice as well as text reports, customized data sets for each clock in/out employees to stay under the vigilance of their managers at the same time executing their job perfectly.

4. Hubstaff: Employee Monitoring Software for Successful Remote Teams

If you are looking for monitoring software that is solely focused on productivity, then no-frills Hubstaff is perfect for you.

The Hubstaff dashboard allows you, at one glance, to separate the productive employees from the time-wasters. It maps out the exact amount of time an employee has worked for in any given day or week.

The software achieves this by tracking mouse and keyboard activity, along with website and app monitoring. It also captures screenshots of active computers. You can set these screenshot captures for random or custom intervals. All of this tracked activity is then used to calculate the activity level of the employee.

hubstaff employee monitoring

Hubstaff also gives an overview of ongoing projects, allowing you to see those that are progressing nicely and those that need more attention. Another nice feature is that it can map and log the GPS location of field employees. This can come in handy for tracking and package delivery businesses. Their premium plan includes a scheduling tool which allows you to delegate tasks and change shifts on the go. It also lets you create invoices and pay employees using PayPal.

What are the features of Hubstaff?

  • Hubstaff runs on your desktop or as a mobile app, helping track time
  • User-friendly interface
  • Get employees’ progress in the project through screenshots, websites, GPS information, and app use.
  • Can integrate with other apps such as GitHub, Zoho Projects, FreshBooks and others
  • Set the hours of work and break durations
  • Keep track of employee’s GPS locations through the mobile app
  • Once tracking is done, you can invoice clients, see in-depth reporting, pay employees, and much more.


  • Works on all platforms
  • Excellent interface
  • Scheduling shift for employees is very easy
  • Gives you screengrabs


  • Hubstaff’s disadvantage lies in the fact that it is not very customizable. Aside from monitoring worker efficiency based on keystrokes (which it does in spades), Hubstaff does not measure productivity achieved through means like internet research or employee meetings.
  • Creating a task directly on the desktop is not possible, you need to use the web version to create a task.
  • No popups for procrastinating employees
  • It allows just tracking and does not allow employees to improve their productivity like other employee tracking software.

Hubstaff Pricing

Available a 14-day free trial to watch out for the features of your organization.

The Basic Plan costs $7 per user per month and is for teams ranging from 3 members to 250 members.

The Premium Plan allows the automation of several important features like payroll and budgets and costs $7 per user per month.

Our Verdict

This is for managers who wish to see that their employees follow effective time management and offers some good employee monitoring features. IF you are looking for advanced features, HUbstaff may not be the right choice The Enterprise Plan costs $10 per user and these costs can be reduced if you pay annually.

5. Timedoctor: Powerful Employee Monitoring Software

Time Doctor is an effective employee monitoring software that also doubles as a competent project management tool.

Much like Hubstaff, Time Doctor also keeps track of employees by monitoring website activity and application usage along with keystroke volume. It measures keystrokes at random intervals, ensuring that employees cannot try to trick the system by hitting a few keys every now and then.

This software can monitor web usage from multiple devices at a time, a feature that safeguards against an employee appearing to work on one device while actually watching YouTube videos on another.

Time Doctor supports taking screenshots and clicking pictures using the webcam

It also uses popups that exhort employees to use their time productively. Seamless integration with services like Trello and Google Calendar is a bonus. Its project management features allow you to delegate tasks and create invoices. It can also predict your budget, track billing hours, and set up payments for employees.

Salient features:

· Website, app, and keystroke monitoring

· Multiple devices monitored at the same time

· Popup productivity reminders

· Project management tools


Like Hubstaff, Time Doctor calculates productivity based on keystrokes, which does not give a holistic view of an employee’s time spent at work. It also cannot capture screenshots from mobile devices.

6. Veriato

Veriato was founded in 1998 and is a veteran employee monitoring system. It monitors an employee’s online and app transactions, along with emails received, files transferred and network usage. This along with keystrokes captured forms the basis of the analysis generated. Veriato also gives activity-based in-depth analysis like time spent on social media or app usage.

It captures screenshots and has a playback mode that allows you to monitor behavior at the end of the day.

A primary feature is their ability to detect insider threat. It does this by setting alerts for undesirable behavior. Keyword tracking is also available and can be used across all kinds of transactions like document transfers, emails and chat windows.

This function is so thorough that it even detects results that partially match the keyword. The Alerts dashboard is highly customizable. It even warns you when an employee visits a job portal website.

What are the features of Veriato?

  • Veriato has a simple, yet effective interface
  • Monitoring can be done by groups or individuals
  • Data from surveillance is collected on the Cloud or local SQL server
  • Get alerts and monitor disks, applications and security event reporting
  • All significant events can be shown in chronological order through a video report
  • Has Insider Threat Detection capability where AI code checks data to look for significant changes inactivity


  • Computer activities can be recorded as a video
  • Highly configurable according to needs
  • Have full control of the type of data you can collect


  • As it has no cloud-based functioning, the only option is to install the software on your premises using an SQL server.
  • Doesn’t support Chromebooks or any Apple devices
  • After each upgrade, Veriato gives you a list of things to manually check if the configuration has been reset and this could be annoying for those maintaining the system

Veriato Pricing

The pricing at Veriato isn’t too transparent and is based on the subscription. You have a free trial and you can pay a one-time license and buy them or pay for a subscription.

Our Verdict
Veriato is a one-stop solution for those who wish to check their employees’ activities to ensure they use their time productively. It is simple and easy to use and with ease of third party integrations. But the lack of transparent pricing is a let-down that we hope they overcome.

7. InterGuard: Employee Monitoring Software

This monitoring software is suitable for small to mid-range companies who are looking for flexible pricing as well as customized employee oversight.

It offers activity monitoring across all company-owned devices, including mobiles and tablets. InterGuard syncs seamlessly with Gmail and other email providers to track all messages sent and received. It also captures any attachments that come with the mail.

A unique feature is its ability to monitor sensitive subjects by setting up alerts for certain words. For example, if you set an alert for the manager’s name, the software will flag any email, SMS, or even Facebook chat that contains the name.

The dashboard is versatile and highly customizable. The data it collects can be viewed as tables, a pie chart, or a bar chart. It allows you to add or delete multiple widgets according to your need. InterGuard also captures screenshots at will or at set intervals. This, along with the collection of keystroke data is possible across all company devices.

The software also provides add-ons like data loss prevention (DLP) which can stop an employee from transferring classified company information. Data recovery is another add-on that could prove useful in case of theft or loss of a company device. InterGuard will simply wipe the computer clean or even lock down the device, rendering it unusable.

What are the features of InterGuard?

  • Spying on users` activities which are analyzed for alerts, playback, audit trails and behavioral benchmarking
  • Analyzing users’ behavior to create a benchmark of acceptable activity
  • Recording and filtering of web activity.
  • Discover sensitive data allows finding, blocking, and reporting
  • Supervising application and programs
  • Owners of the application can delete, retrieve, or lockdown sensitive data


  • Easy installation and maintenance
  • Free Trial version available
  • Works with and without network connectivity
  • Full compatibility with Windows, Mac, VMware, Citrix, Android, iOS


  • A slightly sluggish user interface and the fact that a lot of their features like geolocation and laptop recovery are unavailable in the base package. These can be purchased as add-ons.
  • Not User-friendly
  • Takes a while to understand the features
  • Cluttered interface

InterGuard Pricing

InterGuard offers a one-week free trial to try it out before buying. You then have two pricing plans to choose from:

As the name suggests, the Business Cloud pricing plan offers a cloud-based version where a minimum of 25 users is required. It starts at $8 per user per month.

The Enterprise On-Premise plan is installed on your own servers with 24*7 support. The pricing isn’t listed and you have to call them to get it fixed based on your requirement.

Our Verdict
InterGuard is comprehensive software to monitor employees that includes virtually every feature you look for in employee monitoring software reviews. InterGuard’s huge list of features makes it a bit complicated and unwieldy, reducing the ease of use despite comprehensiveness.

8. WorkPuls

Workpuls provides businesses with useful insights on how employees spend their working hours. It is a solution for those looking for time tracking, employee monitoring, and automated project tracking, all in one place. It provides insight into problematic employees and into how you can increase the general productivity of your team.

Managing a remote workforce has never been easier and this remote employee monitoring software helps you identify the top performers.

What are the features of Workpuls?

  • Captures employees’ screenshots randomly.
  • Tracks time on your projects and tasks, besides tracking apps and websites
  • Easy to understand screen which is a one spot place to identify what all employees are doing
  • Categorizes apps and sites as ‘productive’, ‘unproductive’ or ‘neutral’ at the group level
  • Identifies productivity issues over time to enhance team and individual performance
  • Workpuls stores your data for two years securely
  • Allows employees to manually add offline activities


  • Can be cloud-based or premise based
  • Adapts easily to any kind of work-time scenario or location-based tracking
  • Simple and flexible
  • Real-Time Monitor with screenshots


  • A limited number of screenshots per hour
  • Design is basic and functional but can be improved
  • No free version available


When it comes to pricing, you have a free 7-day trial version.

However, you can opt for the monthly subscription of $6 per user or a yearly subscription of $57 which helps you save 20% in your overall costs.

The enterprise version costs aren’t transparent and you have to contact then for costs which will be based on your requirements.

Our Verdict

Like any decent time tracking software, Workpuls helps manage your employees’ time effectively. You can also provide employees their unique logins, allowing them to view their own productivity data and payroll timesheets thereby enabling them to improve.

9. Kickidler

Kickidler monitors your employees’ activities all the time to ensure they are productive. With this top employee monitoring software, you can also ensure no security breach happens by tracking your workers’ activities in real-time. In case you spot something suspicious, you can immediately take over control of their computer to prevent further actions.

It not only offers employee monitoring and time tracking but also improves internal communications within the company. This helps you motivate your workforce to increase their overall performance. Read on to find out more about this employee monitoring software review.

What are the features of Kickidler?

  • Automatically generates alerts for events like employee negligence and violation detection
  • Help keep a centralized watch for monitoring employees’ websites and apps and so on
  • Offers a native time tracker to monitor an individual or a group
  • Track the time your employee uses for productive work
  • Employee productivity analysis can be done for an hourly basis, different weekdays and different seasons.


  • Real-time monitoring and Time tracking
  • Measure the hourly productivity of an employee
  • Unlimited technical support to fine-tune your software
  • Remote keyboard, mouse and clipboard control
  • Online monitoring of an unlimited number of PCs


  • Email monitoring unavailable


Kickidler’s product pricing is available across 6 different packages, with packages staring for a monthly subscription, every 3 and 6 months, yearly, 3-year and unlimited subscription. A free trial is available to kick start your usage.

  • $9.99/month/user
  • $8 /per month if 3 months subscription/user
  • $5 /per month if 6 months subscription/user
  • $4.17/per month if yearly subscription/user
  • $2.78/per user if 3 years subscription/user
  • $170.00/Lifetime/user

Our Verdict
With Kickidler, you can find those hours your employees are least productive thereby creating strategies to help them improve. You can also check for security violations besides the usual tracking and monitoring functions which helps monitor your overall company efficiency.

10. Network Lookout

Those who wish to improve their business with effective and dedicated manpower can use the Network Lookout software to monitor each and every activity of the employees. This is a powerful tool offering live monitoring of remote computer screens present in your organization.

The software is considered absolutely legal and comes with a permanent license. It is an all-inclusive tool for not only employee monitoring but also classroom management. This employee monitoring software review reveals it is best for small to mid-sized organizations.

What are the features of Network Lookout software?

  • Easy to install and dependable
  • Allows live desktop recording or at a particular time
  • Sharing of the screen to anyone can be shared with the desktop sharing feature
  • Tracking can be done from any device – runs on your PC, Mac, smartphone or tablet.
  • Messaging can be done without the use of any social media apps


  • Easy to Understand
  • Comes with the desktop recorder
  • You get a 30-day free trial
  • Remotely controls all devices


  • Slightly Expensive


For Employees, you have options as the following

  • 5 computers – $179.95
  • 10 computers – $299.95
  • 25 computers – $699.95
  • 50 computers – $1,299.95
  • Site License for unlimited computers – $1,999.95

If you manage an educational institution, you can monitor student’s computers for a cost of $1,499.95 or schools can purchase them at a fixed price of $4,999.95.

Our Verdict
Network Lookout is a decent employee monitoring tool which may not be as user-friendly and comprehensive as market leaders like Teramind. Yet it’s functional, neat and useful for those with less number of employees who require all basic tracking and monitoring. In the case of Cloud Subscription, monthly subscription per user costs $9.95 and yearly subscription costs $89.95.

11. One Identity (formerly Balabit)

One Identity is a good employee monitoring software for larger companies whose primary goal is data loss prevention. It competently merges employee monitoring with data protection. With its ability to record user sessions, it provides in-depth monitoring. It can also capture screenshots at fixed or random intervals.

Where One Identity shines, however, is with its data loss prevention features. These features come in handy for companies that handle large datasets and privileged accounts.

one identity overview

The software can identify malicious behavior across all systems. It analyzes user sessions in real-time which ensures that suspicious actions are investigated immediately.

An employee attempting to access non-role related data will also be flagged instantly. Apart from this, it also detects external attempts at mining sensitive data. It constantly monitors user activity and compares it to a set baseline. Any activity that exceeds the baseline levels is sent for review to the manager.

Salient features:

· Website, app, and file monitoring

· Screenshot capture

· Data loss prevention

· Detects external advanced persistent threat (APT) attacks


A clunky user interface that needs modernization. It is also more focused on preventing data breaches than on analyzing employee productivity.


Employee tracking is an important tool in an organization’s push toward productivity. It provides the employee with an impetus to stay on task throughout the working hours. While employing such software it is essential that you are as transparent as possible about the process. Protecting an employee’s personal records should also be a priority while using a monitoring system. Doing this will not only improve productivity but also strengthen the relationship between your organization and its employees.

12. StaffCop: Information Security Software

StaffCop has an admirable range of monitoring features that can be rivaled only by Teramind. These features include monitoring across web content, application usage, file tracking, and keystroke logging.

It offers Optical Character Recognition (OCR) technology. This technology combs through all kinds of data available, from instant messages to PDF documents, in search of keywords. It even scans cloud services such as OneDrive. The alert dashboard offers a high level of oversight. Even the use of a company credit card can be flagged. Automated alerts can also be set up to detect suspicious behavior.

Their screenshot function allows the admin to view the employee’s screen live or in playback mode. Along with Teramind, this is the only employee monitoring software that supports webcam and audio recording. StaffCop’s dashboard gives you an all-inclusive view of employee behavior. You can easily differentiate between active and inactive employees. It even has a tab for serial latecomers.

Salient Features:

· Website, app, and keystroke monitoring

· File monitoring

· Comprehensive keyword monitoring with Optical Character Recognition

· Screenshot capture with video playback

· Earpiece audio and webcam recordings


The software’s premium edition, the StaffCop Enterprise, requires a server to be set up on company premises as it lacks cloud-based services

13. ContentProtect by ContentWatch

If your primary aim is to monitor internet content, this is the software to go for. It is one of the best when it comes to filtering content, making it especially appealing to educational institutions.

ContentProtect affords the admin a great deal of control over content viewership. It is also customizable, allowing for rules to be changed on an individual or group basis. The admin first sets up user-specific policies. These policies or restrictions can apply to whole websites or even to certain phrases or words.

Once set, ContentProtect enforces these restrictions every time a user starts browsing. The admin can choose to either block access to the content or issue a warning before allowing access.

Admins can choose to be notified if the employee continues to browse despite a warning. They also get alerts if anyone tries to bypass the system to access blocked content. The activity reports show the employee’s internet history, recording the last 10 sites visited along with any action they took there. It also gives an account of the number of attempts made at accessing restricted content.

Salient features:

· Comprehensive content filtering

· Highly customizable from individual to individual

· Alerts for suspicious behavior


Given that ContentProtect only allows for content filtering with no activity monitoring, it is priced on the higher end of the spectrum. It requires a minimum of 5 users and costs almost $40 per device.

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