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Activtrak: Overview, Pricing, and Features

Steven Hansen



Introduction & Overview:

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ActivTrak is one of a kind productivity monitoring software an employer can use to track their employees’ online and computer activity. It gathers comprehensive user data on the usage of websites and applications and gives you insights into the real-time behavior of your employee. The gathered data is represented in elaborate pie-charts and descriptive graphs.

ActivTrak also keeps a visual track of the employee by providing a holistic overview of the employees by taking screenshots of employee computer usage. It also has the potential to increase overall productivity with an option to block certain web content that poses a risk to employee productivity.

activtrak dashboard overview image

Furthermore, this software can also set up alarm notifications upon pre-set conditions to trigger appropriate actions like sending pop-up messages to users’ device, sending emails and notifications to account holders, capturing screenshots when needed, and even giving the employee the opportunity to formally take overall control of the computer to close down the apps if necessary


ActivTrak gathers the data from the devices where the software agent has been installed. The agent remains anonymous to the employees.

This software is compatible with multiple popular operating systems including Windows and Mac, with the added compatible to be added in chrome browsers as an extension. It thus enables the employer to monitor the employee’s web usage details. The software also gives the employer or the managing administrator to monitor the employee usage on to go with their mobile app.

The Amazing Features

Anonymous Monitoring

With ActivTrak, the employer can monitor their employees without them (the employee) knowing. The application after being installed stays hidden in the computer that is being monitored. The staff can, therefore, remain unaware of this application providing a smooth and hassle-free monitoring solution for the company or the firm.

Efficient Data Log and Analytics

ActivTrak provides employers and software administrators with a complete history of the usage and log of employee activities conducted on their computers. This is done by the application by keeping a real-time track of active applications and it logs down if there are changes. All the relevant information is included in the data records, such as what programs were used, in what manner and for how much duration the application was used for.

Automatic ScreenShot Feature

As far as keeping a visual record beside the alpha-numerical data, ActivTrak takes continuous screenshots of computer screens while the staff is using it. This action is an automated feature that does not need a direct imperative from the software administrator or the employer to guide the app to take the screenshot of the computer in use by the employee. This lets the company to efficiently correspond the audits with visual data in the form of screenshots, making the monitored data empirically sound and unfabricated.

Direct User Monitoring

ActivTrak agents can view users’ computer activities in real-time. They can watch a live stream of active windows on all monitored machines. On top of that, the software also provides relevant information from the window being used by an employee on a device under surveillance.

Website Access Control

With the use of ActivTrak, companies can comprehensively control the web activity of their staff. This gives the employer to disable the use of websites they don’t see fit and counterproductive to the employee’s functionality. This also serves as a security feature as controlling the staff’s network activity, malicious interferences and viruses that spread through the internet can be avoided. The company’s IT network thus remains safer.

Usage Analysis & Reports

ActivTrak analyzes the computer or device usage on behalf of the employee in 7 different dimensions to give a comprehensive data report on the employee’s computer usage which can be used to make decisions aimed at improving the staff’s productivity.

Data Warehouse Integrations

ActivTrak provides the employers and their agents with the power and the ability to access raw data as they wish.  This can be done so because of the ease with which the data accumulated via ActivTrak can be imported to Data warehousing infrastructures.

Possible ActivTrak Impediment

It stands clear that ActivTrak is a wholesome employee monitoring and data logging and analytics software; some limitations still persist.

ActivTrak is not as comprehensive a tool on mobile phones as much as it is on standard work computers. It has limited features as a mobile application. It cannot be used to track mobile devices.


ActivTrak provides a free use package that though very limited, works as demonstrative testimony to Activtrak’s performance. The free plan provides support to only 3 devices and 3 users with 3 GB of data storage capacity. To get to know Activtrak without having to buy it first, this option is great.

activtrak pricing screenshot

The real deal, however, starts from $7.20 per user per month. The full paid version gives you unlimited data storage and many additional and very useful features. The most significant among them include intelligent data processing, real-time screenshots, and USB detection, scheduled audit reports, remote access, etcetera. The paid plan further includes certain add-on features such as video recording and direct data access.

The paid plan is essentially catered towards the companies that need advance, comprehensive and archived data reports, and to track employee performance on the company’s devices. There also exists a custom plan in which the buyers can customize the options and features to best suit their needs, without having to pay for the features they consider to be redundant.

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